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Rollz Motion Touch-Up Pen (Dark Purple)

Rollz Motion Touch-Up Pen (Dark Purple)

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Rollz Motion Touch-Up Pen (Dark Purple)

While out on your journey, your rollator is bound to pick up a few scratches and scrapes along the way. To keep your Rollz Motion looking brand new, the Rollz Motion Touch-Up Pen (Dark Purple) can be used to remove any light nicks in the rollator's paintwork. 

Key Information

  • Touch-up pen for removing nicks and scratches
  • Keeps your rollator looking shiny and new
  • Easily applied to rollator frame
  • Available in all colours of the Rollz Motion 2.1

What's Included?

  • 1 x Purple Pen

Please note that the pen is shown in a range of colours for illustrative purposes only.

Compatible Products

If you own or have just ordered the Dark Purple Rollz Motion, then this is the pen you need. However, we also supply touch-up pens in all colours available for the Rollz Motion, including:

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