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Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella
Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair UmbrellaRollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair UmbrellaRollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella

Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella

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Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella

The Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella attaches to the frame of the rollator so that you can use both hands to remain stable. Providing protection against both rain and sun, this umbrella can be adjusted in multiple directions to ensure you're always kept warm and dry.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Adjustable Umbrella
  • 1 x Frame Clamp

Key Features and Benefits

  • Protects the user from heavy rain or intense sun
  • Attaches to rollator frame for hands-free use
  • Adjustable in multiple directions to ensure protection
  • Simple design makes the umbrella easy to use
  • Suitable for rollator and wheelchair functions of Rollz Motion

How to Use the Rollz Motion Adjustable Wheelchair Umbrella

To use the Rollz Umbrella, attach the clamp to rollator frame on either side. Next, fit the umbrella stalk to the clamp and tighten until it's held securely in place. Alter the position of the umbrella to the angle for best protection by adjusting the shaft. When not in use, the umbrella can be folded out of the way without impeding walk space. 

Protection From Rain

Generously sized, the Rollz Motion Adjustable Umbrella stops you from getting soaked when caught in a heavy downpour. The canopy is made from a highly water-resistant material, preventing rain from seeping through and dropping on the wheelchair occupant.  

Protection From Sun

On a hot summers day, heat stroke can become a serious concern, especially for the elderly. Luckily, the Rollz Motion Umbrella doubles as a parasol thanks to the large canopy that blocks out harmful UV-rays. This is ideal if you plan to go on any exotic holidays in the future.

Hands-Free Design

Able to attach to the rollator frame, the Rollz Adjustable Umbrella protects you from harsh weather while allowing you to use both your hands. Having both hands free to hold the rollator means you'll always remain in control and won't have to compromise between protection and stability.

Folds Out the Way

Once the weather has calmed down, the Rollz Flex Umbrella can be folded neatly to the side of the rollator frame. When folded, the umbrella takes up very little space, so there's no reason to risk not taking it with you when the weather's unpredictable.

Compatible Products

The reliable Rollz Motion Umbrella is compatible with all Rollz Motion models, including:

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