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Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)
Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)
Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)
Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)
Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)
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Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)

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Product Details

Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple)

With a striking and stylish all-purple design, the Ziggy Rubber Grip Handle Adjustable Walking Cane (Purple) is Bowie by name and Prince by nature. It's also really supportive with a moulded, grippy TPR foam handle that's comfortable enough for long-term use. The sturdy rubber ferrule is perfect for stability on hard surfaces, while the adjustable height makes finding your best fit easy.

Key Information

  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Shaft Colour: Light Purple
  • Shaft Pattern: Plain with light sparkles
  • Shaft Type: Height-adjustable
  • Height: Adjustable from 76cm to 99cm (30" to 39")
  • Handle Material: Soft-touch plastic
  • Handle Colour: Purple and Black
  • Handle Pattern: Striped
  • Handle Type: Contoured
  • Ferrule Size: 19mm (3/4")
  • Ferrule Material: Rubber
  • Right or Left Handed: Either
  • Weight of Stick: 350g
  • Maximum User Weight: 113kg (17.5 stone)
  • Wrist cord included

Who Can Use this Ziggy Rubber Walking Stick?

With an adjustable length, a strong but lightweight build, and a tough rubber base, the Ziggy walking stick is an ideal everyday walking stick for most users. The rubber foam handle is firm and supportive, but contours to the shape of each users hand for maximum comfort. The all-purple design is also chic and fun, making the Ziggy Cane great for people who need walking support, but aren't keen on a boring, traditional look.

How Long Is the Adjustable Walking Stick?

This walking stick provides a large range of incremental height adjustments, and is adjustable between 760mm and 990mm (30" to 39"). This wide adjustment capability makes the stick suitable for most users, allowing each to use the stick at the safest and most comfortable height for them.

What Size Ferrule Is Supplied with the Stick?

The ferrule that comes pre-fitted to the walking stick measures 19mm (3/4 Inch) across the diameter of the opening.

What Kind of Ground Is the Ziggy Cane Suitable For?

As the Ziggy Rubber Grip Cane is designed with a rubber ferrule, it is great for use on any sort of hard ground like concrete, tile, hardwood and more. The rubber material of the base provides a reliable grip on solid ground, and will provide a slight shock-absorbing effect with every step.

Stylish Subtle Purple

The handle, frame, ferrule and wrist strap of this walking stick all feature a stylish subtle shade of light purple. It's fun and makes a statement, while still providing great support for daily use.

How Comfortable Is the Handle?

The handle of this Height-Adjustable Aluminium Cane is made with a cushioned TPR foam that will be easy on the hands, yet firm enough to provide support. The shape is a slightly sloped and contoured to fit comfortably within the shape of your hand.

How Light Is the Ziggy Aluminium Walking Stick?

The Ziggy Adjustable Walking Stick is designed with lightweight materials to be as easy to carry as possible, weighing a total of 350g. It is made of aluminium, a material strong enough to be supportive, yet light enough to allow comfortable use by virtually any user.

Does This Cane Include a Wrist Cord?

Yes, the Foldable Walking Stick includes a cord that you can wrap around your wrist while you are using the cane, to help you avoid dropping it. Like the stick, the chord is supplied in a fun and stylish light purple colour.

Is the Ziggy Height-Adjustable Cane Eligible for VAT Relief?

Yes, this walking stick is eligible for VAT Relief. For more information, please visit our VAT Relief information page.

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