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Staghorn Handle Wading Thumbstick
Staghorn Handle Wading ThumbstickStaghorn Handle Wading ThumbstickStaghorn Handle Wading Thumbstick
Staghorn Handle Wading ThumbstickStaghorn Handle Wading ThumbstickStaghorn Handle Wading Thumbstick

Staghorn Handle Wading Thumbstick

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Staghorn Handle Wading Stick

The Staghorn Handle Wading Stick is a thumbstick wading stick that provides stability while fishing in deep rivers. It includes a lanyard for ease of gripping, and a weighted ferrule to improve stability when in the water.

Key Information

  • Height: 55" (139cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Dark Wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Shaft Material: Hardwood
  • Handle Style: Staghorn
  • Handle Material: Staghorn
  • Weight: 620g
  • Ferrule Size: 22mm (7/8")
  • Ferrule Style: Weighted
  • Lanyard strap included

Staghorn Wading Stick

The thumbstick has been constructed from a natural wood (the type of hardwood may vary depending on availability). This hardwood provides a robust and reliable wading stick, while also providing a natural rustic appearance. With a height of 55" (139cm), it will be suitable for most individuals.

The wooden construction and appearance will blend in well when you're out and about. Whether spending the day by the river or adding in a trek through the woods, the wading stick will make a visually appealing and highly practical companion.

Weighted Ferrule

The Staghorn Wading Stick features a weighted ferrule at the base of the wood. This ferrule helps to provide stability when in the deep and moving river water, providing the individual with a little extra support to maintain balance.

Weighted Ferrule

Lanyard Strap

A lanyard wrist strap is included with the wading stick. This can be slipped over the user's wrist to help with gripping onto the stick. It will also be useful for keeping the stick by the wrist without needing to place it on the ground when both hands are required; this eliminates the need to place the stick in the water, thus reducing the risk of it drifting away.

Naturally Shed Staghorn

The staghorn provides a unique handle for the thumbstick, and no animals were harmed in the collection of the horn. Deer shed their horn naturally each year, and they are then collected for the thumbstick.

Each horn is grounded, sanded, and polished, before being fitted to the natural wooden shaft. This creates a stylish and interesting top for the stick.

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