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LED Torch for the Saljol Carbon Rollator
 LED Torch for the Saljol Carbon RollatorLED Torch for the Saljol Carbon Rollator 

LED Torch for the Saljol Carbon Rollator

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LED Torch for the Saljol Carbon Rollator

For safety reasons, it's important to warn other street users to your presence when out at night. To help do this, the LED Torch for the Saljol Carbon Rollator is bright enough to guarantee you're visible to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The torch attaches to the front of the bag to illuminate footpaths in areas with low lighting.

What's Included?

  • 1 x LED Torch
  • 3 x AAA Batteries

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bright torch to help guide you on your way
  • Makes you more visible to other street users
  • Easily hooks onto rollator bag

Improves Vision

It's much harder to see dangerous obstacles in poorly lit areas. To ensure you don't trip and hurt yourself, the LED Torch will light up your path and reveal potential hazards. This handy gadget gives you peace of mind when you're out enjoying a night-time stroll through the park.

Stay Visible to Traffic

Crossing the road with limited mobility is dangerous as it is, let alone at night. This LED Torch is incredibly bright to warn pedestrians and oncoming traffic of your presence so they that can give you the space you need to get by.

Easy to Use

With a simple on/off switch, the LED Torch hooks right on to the front of the rollator bag. This powerful torch is universal and can be attached to any rollator or walker.

Compatible Products

This accessory is specifically designed to work with the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator. However, this is a fully functioning torch that can be used without the rollator and is attachable to other items such as bags using the supplied hook.

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