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Adjustable Umbrella for the Saljol Carbon Rollator

Adjustable Umbrella for the Saljol Carbon Rollator

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Adjustable Umbrella for the Saljol Carbon Rollator

Nothing will ruin your day more than getting caught in a sudden rainstorm. For instant protection against bad weather, the Adjustable Umbrella for the Saljol Carbon Rollator attaches to the frame, ready for use at a moments notice. With a generously sized canopy, this umbrella doubles as a parasol to block out overbearing sun during summer or when abroad.

What's Included?

  •  1 x Adjustable Umbrella

Key Features and Benefits

  • Keeps you protected in heavy showers and blistering heat
  • Attached to the rollator frame for hands-free use
  • Adjustable shaft for guaranteed protection
  • Easy to install on the rollator

How to Use the Saljol Adjustable Umbrella

The Saljol Umbrella is easy to install on the rollator. Designed to fit the Saljol Carbon Rollator, the umbrella clamps to the rollator frame without the use of tools. The shaft can be adjusted to find the right angle for maximum protection.

Hands-Free Protection

For added convenience, the Saljol Umbrella attaches to the rollator frame, keeping you protected without compromising stability. Having both hands free to use the rollator makes it easier to stay balanced and prevent falling.

Protects Against Rain

Rain can be unpredictable at times, which is why it's always important to have a brolly close at hand. Attached to the rollator frame, the Saljol Umbrella stays with you wherever you go. Should the weather turn sour on your journey, your trusty umbrella will be at your side ready to provide protection in an instant.

Protects Against Sun

During the summer, too much exposure to the sun can be potentially dangerous, especially for the elderly. To help protect you from harmful UV rays and sunstroke, the Saljol Umbrella has a large canopy that obstructs direct sunlight. This is especially useful for when you go away abroad to countries where the sun is more unforgiving.

Compatible Products

This accessory is specifically designed to work with the Saljol Carbon Fibre Rollator.

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