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Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella
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Fox Umbrellas TEL4 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella

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Product Details

Fox Umbrellas TEL3 Whangee Wood Crook Handle Black Umbrella 

Black umbrellas don't have to be boring - in fact, we think they should add sophistication (and protection) to your outfits! The Fox Umbrellas TEL3 Whangee Crook Handle Black Umbrella features a beautiful Whangee wood crook handle with a contemporary black canopy, for a traditional and fresh design. Coming with a handy black matching case for convenient, easy storage, this is the best option for classic protection from the elements.

What's Included

  • 1 x Umbrella
  • 1 x Case

Key Information

  • Umbrella Colour: Black
  • Frame: 10 Rib Manual, chrome plated steel shaft with nickel plated steel ribs
  • Length: 45cm
  • Canopy Diameter: 103.5cm
  • Canopy Composition: Polyester
  • Umbrella Weight: 500g
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Handle Wood: Whangee (Bamboo)
  • Case Included: Yes
  • Case Colour: Black
  • Case Material: Polyester

Who Should Use this Umbrella?

This classic crook umbrella is ideal for use for casual, everyday wear as well as super-snazzy events. This design is also suitable for both men and women, making it the perfect design for families and for sharing with anyone who needs it.

Traditional Crook Handle

Crook handle styles of umbrella handles offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip, reducing strain on the hand and wrist during prolonged use. Their unique shape also allows for easy hanging on hooks or doorknobs when not in use, making storage and access convenient. Additionally, the crook handle design lends a classic and timeless aesthetic to the umbrella, adding a touch of elegance to your rainy day attire.

Quick Drying Rain Protection

When fully opened, the canopy spreads to a 103.5cm, providing more than enough protection from the rain on your daily walks. The canopy is made from a quick drying polyester material allowing it to shed the rain with ease - keeping you dry wherever you are. 

Telescopic Design

This Malacca handle umbrella is made on a chrome plated steel shaft with a 10 rib nickel plated steel frame and a polyester cover and canopy. The 10 rib frame helps to give this telescopic umbrella extra strength compared to other models on the market. This umbrella also comes with a matching outside case to help keep the umbrella clean when stored.

Handy Case

This umbrella comes with a matching black case, ideal for easy storage and a smart appearance. Made of 100% polyester, this case allows for quicker drying of even the wettest umbrellas, helping you to stay drier for longer.

Whangee Wood Handle 

Whangee wood is a popular choice for umbrella handles due to its natural resilience, making it highly durable and resistant to breakage in windy conditions. Its unique grain pattern and golden-brown colour add an elegant and distinctive aesthetic to umbrella designs. Additionally, whangee wood is lightweight, providing comfortable and ergonomic grip for users while also being environmentally sustainable, as it is a fast-growing bamboo species.

How Much Protection Does the Umbrella Provide?

With its large canopy, the umbrella provides excellent coverage for the user. The umbrella is an excellent choice for inclement weather because it is both lightweight and strong. This makes it a brilliant option for just about everyone living in the UK, particularly if you need robust protection from heavier rain and windier weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Stylish black umbrella in a classic crook design matches any outfit
  • Polyester cover is quick drying and convenient for storing 
  • Whangee wood handle is strong and stylish for practicality and beauty
  • Crook handle sits in the hand comfortably for the perfect fit
  • Crook handle can be conveniently hung on doors, chairs and more
  • Large canopy is robust against very heavy rain and intense wind
  • Polyester canopy is super protective and quick drying 

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