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Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella
Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella
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Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella

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Product Details

Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella

Black umbrellas can be dull, however, a funky handle can add the perfect amount of intrigue without making it look tacky. The Fox Umbrellas GT18 Cow Horn Crook Handle Black Umbrella combines maple wood with a small inset of Cow horn for a refined finish.

What's Included

  • 1 x Umbrella

Key Information

  • Umbrella Colour: Black
  • Frame: 63.5cm Classic Fox Brown Tube Frame with Black Ribs
  • Length: 91cm
  • Canopy Diameter: 104.5cm
  • Canopy Composition: 100% Best Polyester
  • Umbrella Weight: 550g
  • Handle Wood (Common Name): Maple (Maple - Sycamore)
  • Handle Inset Material: Cow Horn Inset
  • Handle Colour: Brown and Black
  • Wood Genus: Acer Wood 
  • Wood Harvest Origin: Europe

Who Should Use this Umbrella?

This classic crook umbrella is ideal for use for casual, everyday wear as well as super-snazzy events. Coming with a luxurious-looking gilt metal feature between the shaft and the handle, this design offers convenience and class wherever you go. This design is also suitable for both men and women, making it the perfect design for families and for sharing with anyone who needs it.

Traditional Crook Handle

Crook handle styles of umbrella handles offer a comfortable and ergonomic grip, reducing strain on the hand and wrist during prolonged use. Their unique shape also allows for easy hanging on hooks or doorknobs when not in use, making storage and access convenient. Additionally, the crook handle design lends a classic and timeless aesthetic to the umbrella, adding a touch of elegance to your rainy day attire.

Quick Drying Rain Protection

When fully opened, the canopy spreads to a 104.5cm, providing more than enough protection from the rain on your daily walks. The canopy is made from a quick drying polyester material allowing it to shed the rain with ease - keeping you dry wherever you are. 

Maple Wood Handle 

Maple wood is an excellent choice for an umbrella handle due to its lightweight yet durable nature, providing a comfortable grip that minimises hand fatigue during extended use. Its natural grain and aesthetic appeal add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the umbrella's design. Additionally, maple's resistance to moisture and warping ensures the handle remains resilient even in wet weather conditions.

Cow Horn Handle Inset

Cow horn has a number of brilliant properties, not to mention, it looks pretty good too! This umbrella features a small inset of Cow horn at the base of the handle for some added countryside charm. Contrasting beautifully with the maple wood shaft, this design both looks and feels refined due to its high quality materials and finish.

How Much Protection Does the Umbrella Provide?

With its large canopy, the umbrella provides excellent coverage for the user. The umbrella is an excellent choice for inclement weather because it is both lightweight and strong. This makes it a brilliant option for just about everyone living in the UK, particularly if you need robust protection from heavier rain and windier weather conditions.

Key Features

  • Stylish black umbrella in a classic crook design matches any outfit
  • Gilt ring between the handle and umbrella shaft adds a luxurious touch
  • Maple wood handle is attractive, unique and lightweight
  • Includes a durable Cow horn inset crook handle for a refined look 
  • Crook handle sits in the hand comfortably for the perfect fit
  • Crook handle can be conveniently hung on doors, chairs and more
  • Design is robust against very heavy rain and intense wind
  • Polyester canopy is super protective and quick drying 

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