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Ejendals Tegera 517 Winter Hiking Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 517 Winter Hiking Gloves

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The Ejendals 517 Gloves feature a thin and dexterous lining that combines warmth and protection. This lining means that the gloves have a tight, snug fit. If your usual size is quite tight, we recommend that you select the size above what is usually suitable for you.

Ejendals Tegera 517 Winter Cycling Gloves

Designed to protect you from the worst of winter, the Ejendals Tegera 517 Thermal Waterproof Gloves have a warm fleece lining, a windproof exterior and high visibility features. In addition to offering thermal protection, they are also flexible and lightweight so you won't have to sacrifice dexterity for comfort.

What Makes the Ejendals Tegera 517 Gloves Great for Hiking?

Whether you're walking through windy or rainy conditions in winter, the Tegera 517 gloves can provide warmth and reliable protection. They have an insulating fleece lining that keeps your hands warm and dry, and a synthetic leather exterior that shields hands from the wind. Despite providing such thorough protection, they are still lightweight and flexible so your range of movement will never be impeded, and you'll be able to comfortably hold onto a walking aid during your hike.

Performance Ratings

EN 388 (Protection Against Mechanical Risks)

  • 1121X
Test Result
Abrasion Resistance  Level 1
Cut Resistance Level 1
Tear Resistance Level 2
Puncture Resistance Level 1
ISO Cut Resistance N/A

EN 511 (Cold Resistance)

  • 111
Property Resistance Level
Protection Against Convective Cold Level 1
Protection Against Contact Cold Level 1
Protection Against Water Penetration Level 1

Features and Benefits of the 517 Winter Cycling Gloves

  • Fleece lining protects hands from water and cold
  • Synthetic leather material offers wind protection
  • Bright green material helps improve visibility in dim settings
  • Reinforced index fingers protect against mild scratches, scrapes and cuts
  • Gloves provide a high level of grip for safer manual handling
  • Slim, ergonomic fit enables dexterity
  • Velcro wrist fastening improves fit and comfort

High Visibility

Visibility can be reduced in bad wintry conditions, but brightly coloured clothing can help ensure you're seen by cyclists, drivers and other pedestrians when you're out and about. The finger crotches of these gloves are fitted with bright green material to help the wearer remain visible to others even in dim lighting.

Enables Grip and Dexterity

When spending long periods in cold outdoor environments, you likely want to retain dexterity and grip in your hands so you can take things out of your bag, or securely hold onto a walking aid. The grippy design of these gloves ensures that you can keep a firm grasp objects, while its lightweight, flexible composition means you will be able to retain a good range of movement in your fingers.

Sizing of the Ejendals 517 Winter Cycling Gloves

The Ejendals Tegera 517 are offered in four different sizes, the dimensions of which can be found below. To measure your hand, measure the circumference of your hand around the knuckles (excluding the thumb) with your hand open and your fingers together.

Size Circumference (mm) Length (mm)
Size 6 152mm 160mm
Size 7 178mm 171mm
Size 8 203mm 182mm
Size 9 229mm 192mm
Size 10 254mm 204mm
Size 11 279mm 215mm
Size 12 Over 279mm Over 215mm

Washing Instructions for Tegera 517 Gloves

We recommend washing your gloves using cold water. Avoiding detergents and chemicals prevents fading, bleaching and other forms of deterioration damaging your gloves. Tegera 517 Gloves should be left to line dry at room temperature.

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Delivery Information

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