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Black Ladies' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

Black Ladies' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

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Black Ladies' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle

Sturdy and beautiful umbrellas can be difficult to find, particularly those with a classic wooden handle. The Black Ladies' Canopy Umbrella with Bamboo Handle is an elegant everyday umbrella that features a beautifully textured bamboo handle and a neat black canopy. Its smart appearance makes it perfect for use as an accessory on a number of different occasions, from the everyday to the formal.

Key Information

  • Height: 36" (92cm)
  • Canopy Colour: Black
  • Canopy Pattern: Plain
  • Canopy Span: 41" (104cm)
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Handle Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Handle Material: Bamboo
  • Handle Colour: Brown
  • Weight: 350g

Premium Quality

In an age when cheap and promotional umbrellas are widely available, investing in a premium-quality umbrella that not only keeps you dry, but serves as a smart accessory as well, speaks volumes of your sense of style. This Black Canopy Umbrella is made from only the best materials and designed to perfectly complement most of your outfits. Its black body and brown handle are fairly neutral, allowing you to pair the umbrella with a range of different clothes.

Traditional Bamboo Handle

This classically elegant Black Ladies' Umbrella is fitted with a black canopy and a traditional bamboo handle that is both visually appealing and comfortable to hold. Its curved design allows you to hook the handle over your arm, a table's edge or over a chair when it isn't in use so you can have full use of your arms.

Every part of the Ladies' Canopy Umbrella has been created with care. Its internal framework is black and the umbrella is fitted with a neat black ferrule to fit the umbrella's overall aesthetic.

Practical and Durable

The Black Ladies' Canopy Umbrella is more than just a fashion accessory. Its broad canopy width and high-quality materials make sure this umbrella will protect you from rain in all weather conditions.

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