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Black Horse Wooden Shoe Horn

Black Horse Wooden Shoe Horn

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Black Horse Wooden Shoe Horn

If you find it difficult to put your shoes on, or suffer from either back pain or leg ache, try the Black Horse Wooden Shoe Horn. Oozing class with a regal black horse top, the shoe horn will help those who have difficulty stretching to take their shoes off.

Key Information

  • Height: 55.88cm (21")
  • Shaft Colour: Black
  • Shaft Pattern: Ridged
  • Shaft Material: Stained beechwood
  • Handle Style: Horse
  • Handle Colour: Black
  • Handle Material: Polymer resin
  • Strap: Gold strap
  • Strap Style: Plated chain

Regal Black Horse

This shoe horn is topped with a sophisticated black horse, adding a degree of glamour and class to an already sophisticated product, while also adding a further element of grip.

Ridged Black Shaft

Providing both superior grip and a pleasing texture, the ridged black shaft has both functional and aesthetic purposes to make this shoe horn stand out from the rest. With a colour that seamlessly pairs with the horse head top, the shaft is tipped either end with an elegant gold trim.

Subtle Gold Trim

Marking the upper and lower parts of the shaft, the subtle gold trim provides a degree of elegance and refinery to the shoe horn without being too overstated.

Comfortable Length

The Black Horse Wooden Shoe Horn is a fantastic 21 inches long, which is longer than other shoe horns on the market, and useful for those who have difficulty bending to put their shoes on.

Functional Strap

The Shoe Horn is equipped with a golden strap that will allow you to hang the device up for storage purposes.

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