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Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn
 Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe HornHewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn 

Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn

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Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn

For those of us who like to stay active, it can be disheartening to find it difficult to bend down to put shoes on. The Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn provides an easy way to stay active and get out and about.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Beautiful natural beech wood design 
  • Available in a standard size (38cm/15") or travel size (19cm/7.5")
  • Helps you into tight fitting shoes
  • Features a leather loop to be hung up for easy access
  • Helps you place your feet in shoes
  • Smooth polished stick is gentle on your feet
  • Brand stamped for a sophisticated look

How Does the Shoe Horn Protect My Shoes?

Often, the backs of shoes get damaged from not using a shoe horn as they can easily become bent and compressed by the weight of the foot being pressed into the shoe. The Wood Horn extends the life of shoes by ridding you of this risk and simultaneously making it easier to put shoes on. No more crushing the backs of shoes!

Can the Shoe Horn Help Me Keep my Independence?

We have all felt that ache in our back when we reach down to put our shoes on. The design of the Hewitts Shoe Horn allows you to hold it and guide your feet into your shoes without the need to bend down and strain your back.

For maximum mobility assistance, we recommend the 54cm Hewitts Beech Wood Long Shoe Horn.

Leather Loop

The Wooden Horn's leather loop is useful for hanging the product up when not in use so that it is easily accessible. It can also be used as a wrist loop to minimise the chance of dropping the shoe horn while in use.

Is it Easy to Use?

When you are in a rush, it is easy to crush the back of your shoe when putting your foot inside. The Shoe Horn eradicates this issue by allowing you to put your shoes on in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is fit the horn in the back of the shoe and slide your foot down the body and into your shoe.

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Delivery Information

Please note that the Hewitts Beech Wood Shoe Horn is usually delivered between 1 and 3 working days after placing your order by Royal Mail. For orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), your product will be dispatched on the same day. All other orders will be dispatched on the following working day.

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