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SportsPro Fitness Telescopic Walking Poles

SportsPro Fitness Telescopic Walking Poles

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SportsPro Fitness Telescopic Walking Poles

Bridging the gap between the SportsPro and BungyPump range, the SportsPro Fitness Telescopic Walking Poles are the logical evolution of the traditional walking pole. Designed with ergonomic satisfaction in mind, the fitness poles are slick, durable and ready to take on the longest of journeys. 

Key Features

  • Height: Adjustable from 33.5" - 53" (85cm - 135cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Black
  • Shaft Pattern: Brand Graphic
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Style: Ergonomic
  • Handle Material: EVA with strap
  • Handle Colour: Black
  • Ferrule Style: Tungsten tip with rubber foot
  • Wrist cord included

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of SportsPro Fitness Poles

How Do the Poles Work?

SportsPro Fitness Poles are a traditional set of high quality walking poles and they are suitable for a number of surfaces such as asphalt, sand, bark, snow and ice. The lengths of the sticks can be adjusted, making them a choice that is suitable for most users.

Are the SportsPro Walking Poles Comfortable to Use?

As well as being an effective aid to your walking or hiking, the SportsPro Fitness Poles also allow for comfortable use. To do this, they feature padded "handle-straps" that can be adjusted with ease using a quick-release button on the top of the pole. 

Who Can Benefit from Using the Fitness Poles?

Walking with SportsPro Travel Poles strengthens the heart, muscles, tissues and bones, keeping you limber and agile. Moreover, research has shown that by using these poles, you can achieve a 38% increased calorie burn in comparison to normal walking, making these an ideal purchase for those looking to lose weight. With regards to pressure-relief, the poles give support to your joints, namely those in your knee, hip and ankles – country walks have never felt more enjoyable!

Are the SportsPro Hiking Poles Easy to Store?

With a telescopic design, the SportsPro Walking Sticks are easy to store and transport. This is ideal if you are short on space, or are looking to take your walking gear on holiday with you.

When Can I Use the SportsPro Walking Poles?

The SportsPro Poles feature a tip that can be changed, allowing you to use your stick in all four seasons. This interchangable design also makes the sticks suitable for use on a nnumber of different surfaces.

Are These the Best Walking Poles for Exercise?

Whilst the Fitness Walking Poles cater to more athletically-minded hikers than the SportsPro Travel Walking Poles, the BungyPump range of resistance poles provide an even greater work-out for your upper-body. If you are looking to maximise your exercise from your walks, we would recommend having a look at the BungyPump range.

What Colours Are Available?

These Fitness Poles are supplied in a stylish and discreet black.

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Delivery Information

Please note that the SportsPro Fitness Telescopic Walking Poles are usually delivered between 1 and 3 working days after placing your order by Royal Mail. For orders placed before 2pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays), your products will be dispatched on the same day. All other orders will be dispatched on the following working day.

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