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Rubber Ferrule for Formal Canes

Rubber Ferrule for Formal Canes

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Rubber Ferrule for Formal Canes

The Formal Canes we have on offer are extremely beautiful and elegant, which makes them perfect for use in formal settings. However, all ferrules are subject to wear and tear over time, so it's important that you check your ferrule and replace it when this occurs. The Rubber Ferrule is a replacement ferrule that can be used with your walking stick to ensure you remain safe.

Which Formal Canes Can the Rubber Ferrule Be Used With?

The Rubber Ferrule for Formal Canes can be used with the following mobility aids:

Designed Specifically for Formal Sticks

This particular Rubber Ferrule has a discreet design that makes it perfect for use with a formal cane. This means you can rest assured that the ferrule won't draw attention away from your cane's beautiful design.

Why Should You Use a Rubber Ferrule?

Rubber ferrules help ensure you remain safe while you use your support, particularly on hard surfaces like pavements. The Rubber Ferrule is a special ferrule that should be used on one of the above Formal Canes. Please note that the ferrule is sold individually and in one size only.

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