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Ossenberg Open Cuff Carbon Folding Soft Grip Black Crutches (Pair)

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Product Details

Ossenberg Open Cuff Carbon Folding Soft Grip Black Crutches (Pair)

Don't let disability or injury prevent you from going places anymore. Featuring 10 adjustable height options, ergonomic soft grip handles that are easy on the hands, protector lights for night time walking and rubber tips for secure footing, the Ossenberg Open Cuff Carbon Folding Soft Grip Black Crutches (Pair) can be folded and stowed away in a carry bag, making them the perfect travel accessory. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Ossenberg Folding Crutches
  • 2 x Carry Bags

Please note that this product is sold as a pair.

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 74 to 97cm (29 - 38")
  • Shaft Colour: Black
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Grip Style: Ergonomic
  • Maximum User Weight: 140kg 

What Are Soft Grip Handles?

Crutches with soft grip handles are designed for longer term use. They have a soft, ergonomically shaped handle to ensure comfort.

What is the Benefit of Ergonomic Handles

The ergonomic handle distributes pressure over a greater area of the user's hand, improving comfort and safety. Made from lightweight carbon fibre, the soft grip reduce strain on the user's wrist.

Adjust to Your Size

When using the crutches, it's essential to get the right fit to prevent further injury. Check out the below instructions to check if your crutches fit correctly:

  1. Stand upright with both hands at your side
  2. Check that the handles are at the crease of the back of your wrist
  3. Adjust the height as needed using the handle

Built to Provide Safety

The crutches come with two reflectors, one at the back of the elbow support and the other at the front of the handle. The aim of these reflectors is to catch and reflect light so that even if you are walking at night time, motorists can see you and take precaution. 

What are Open Cuff Crutches?

Open Cuff Crutches allow more precise movements and make going up stairs or just general walking much easier. Due to the lack of a closed guard, they are easy to pick up and put down.

Who Can Use the Ossenberg Crutches?

Due to their easy useability, the Ossenberg can be beneficial in a number of situations where mobility is severely affected. We recommend using the crutches for a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to: 

  • Injury recovery
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Many other short and long term conditions

Are there Other Colours Available?

If you would like to buy these crutches in a different colour, click the link below:

Key Features and Benefits

  • Plastic arm cuffs made of high quality fibre glass for reinforced strength 
  • Open cuff style is easier for walking upstairs
  • Adjustable to ensure comfy, ergonomic fitting
  • Can be folded and stored in bag

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