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Ossenberg Closed-Cuff Soft-Grip Double-Adjustable Orange Crutches (Pair)

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Product Details

Ossenberg Closed-Cuff Soft-Grip Double-Adjustable Orange Crutches (Pair)

Standard crutches often discourage walking due to their lack of safety and comfort features. In contrast, the Ossenberg Closed-Cuff Soft-Grip Double-Adjustable Orange Crutches (Pair) introduce innovative attributes like soft-grip handles, closed-cuff elbow supports, and double-adjustable height options, prioritising user needs and restoring joy to walking. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Soft-Grip Crutches

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 73 to 103cm (28.5 - 40.5")
  • Shaft Colour: Orange
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Style: Soft-Grip
  • Handle Colour: Black
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber
  • Maximum User Weight: 150kg 

Added Security with Closed Cuff Supports

The Ossenberg Crutches feature closed cuff elbow supports made from high-quality plastic which provide an extra layer of security for the user. The supports fit comfortably around the forearms, allowing the user to retain control even without keeping their hands on the handles.   

Why Are Soft Grip Handles Popular?

Crutches featuring soft-grips are preferred by people who use walking aids regularly in their daily lives. This is because the soft grip handles help in distributing pressure over a greater area of the user's hands, thereby improving comfort and safety.

Ergonomic soft grip evenly distributes pressure
The soft grip handles reduce pressure on the hands

More Options to Choose From

Finding one's preferred length in standard crutches is often not possible due to the limited range of available sizes. However, with their double adjustment option, Ossenberg Crutches provide a greater range of modification. By allowing users to calibrate lengths between the elbows and hands, as well as between the hands and the ground, they increase the probability of finding the perfect length.

Double adjustable height option for custom fit

Can I Buy this Crutch in a Different Colour?

If you wish to buy this crutch in a different colour, choose from the options below:

Can I Buy This Crutch as a Single Unit?

Please note that this purchase is for a pair. If you wish to buy a single unit, follow the link below.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Soft-grip handle that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand
  • Adjustable above and below the handle to ensure comfy, ergonomic fitting
  • Closed cuff design for extra security and safety
  • Orange colour provides a cheerful touch

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