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Nico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider Handle
 Nico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider HandleNico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider Handle 

Nico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider Handle

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Nico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider Handle

Repeatedly forcing your feet into footwear can wear down your shoes, and for those with back pain, the constant bending motion can be an uncomfortable chore. Allowing you to effortlessly slip your foot into your shoe, the Nico Design Extra-Long Shoehorn with Hellrider Handle is an ideal solution, and is designed with a unique skull handle to make it a stylish accessory.

Who Is the Shoehorn For?

Shoe horns assist in slipping a tightly fitting shoe over the end of a foot. Those who suffer from back-pain or inflexibility will be delighted to learn a shoehorn allows you to put your shoes on standing up! 

How Does the Shoehorn Protect Your Shoes From Damage? 

Repeatedly shoving a shoe off and on can damage it. The shoehorn scoop slides in between your heel and the heel cup of the shoe, protecting it from damage. 

What Is the Handle Design? 

Pulling on your biker boots, or your funeral-black brogues? This sinister skull handle will help you slide into your shoes without appearing any less malevolent. 

What Is the Shoehorn Made From? 

The shoehorn is 70cm long, and made primarily from cellulose acetate. The centrepiece is made from rich, varnished wood, and the head is coated plastic. 

History of the Shoehorn

One of the first historical mentions of the shoehorn was from the 16th century, when Queen Elizabeth ordered 18 shoehorns to assist her with her royal footwear. In the past, shoehorns were made from the horns of animals, ivy, shell, silver or bone. This shoehorn is reminiscent of this type of stylish accessory, designed with a shining, elegant handle.

How Do You Use a Long Shoehorn? 

  1. Remain standing
  2. Position your shoehorn so the scoop is upward and faces your heel
  3. Hold onto the handle and slide your foot down the tool and into your shoe
  4. Remove the shoe horn when your foot is fully in the shoe

Why Not Match It with A Walking Stick? 

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