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Leopard Print Folding Walking Stick

Leopard Print Folding Walking Stick

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Leopard Print Folding Walking Stick 

Are you looking for a walking aid that can add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe? Then the Leopard Print Folding Walking Stick is the perfect option for you. Fully decorated in bold leopard print, it makes a great accessory to any smart outfit, and can be easily folded away and tucked into your bag.

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 32.3" - 36.2" (82cm - 92cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Brown
  • Shaft Pattern: Naturalistic leopard print
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Style: Derby
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Colour: Brown
  • Handle Pattern: Naturalistic leopard print
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber
  • Foldable into four sections

Naturalistic Leopard Print Patterning

This gorgeous leopard print walking stick doubles as both a mobility aid and an attractive fashion accessory. The naturalistic brown, black and cream leopard print design can complement a variety of formal outfits, while the traditional Derby handle enhances its elegant style.

Chic and sophisticated aesthetic
Chic and sophisticated aesthetic

Traditional Derby Handle

The Derby handle of the Leopard Print Walking Stick is a popular handle type, both because of its attractive appearance and superior comfort. It has a pleasantly curved shape which encourages a more comfortable hand and wrist positioning, and prevents your hand from sliding out of place as you walk.

Height Adjustable Folding Shaft

By adjusting the semi-attachable joints of the Leopard Print Walking Stick, you can easily achieve the perfect height for your needs. This design also allows the cane to be folded up into four parts, making it compact enough to fit neatly in a bag or storage area.

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Delivery Information

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