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Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking Cane

Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking Cane

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Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking Cane

If you've got your outfit all figured out for the next formal occasion you're attending but it still doesn't feel complete, we have the perfect accessory for you. The Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking Cane is an elegant and distinguished accessory that will work excellently at a range of different formal occasions, including proms, weddings and evening events.

The Imitation Ivory Walking Stick offers you a simple and affordable way to experience the elegance of bygone times. Its spherical handle is painted in an imitation ivory colour to give the cane an old-fashioned appearance without causing ecological damage.

Key Information

  • Height: 37.5" (95cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Black
  • Shaft Pattern: Plain
  • Shaft Material: Beech
  • Handle Style: Novelty
  • Handle Pattern: Plain
  • Handle Material: Acrylic
  • Handle Colour: Cream
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber
  • Weight: 240g

Intriguing Spherical Handle

The Spherical Top Walking Cane's eye-catching acrylic handle has been created to resemble a traditional formal cane, which would have had an ivory handle. In the Victorian times, you wouldn't have been seen leaving your house without a cane that had been carefully selected to suit the occasion. This dress stick's intriguing design adds an elegant touch to any outfit.

Beech Wood Shaft

The Imitation Ivory Walking Stick's beech shaft has been lacquered black and fitted with a discreet rubber ferrule. This ensures that every feature of your cane looks the part while you attend the latest formal event. The stick also weighs just 240 grams so the accessory won't feel too heavy in your hand.

Owing to its beech wood shaft, the Spherical Top Walking Cane can be cut down to size. This is particularly useful if the stick is too long to use comfortably.

Please note that this walking stick is intended for formal events and collectors. The cane is not recommended for heavy orthopaedic use.

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Delivery Information

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