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Green Lightweight Non-Slip Flipstick Seat Stick

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Product Details

Green Lightweight Non-Slip Flipstick Seat Stick

The Green Lightweight Non-Slip Flipstick Seat Stick combines a walking stick and portable seat in one. It is ideal for use both indoors and outside, and can be used as a walking stick for support with stability and as a seat at outdoor events where provided seating may be limited.

Key Information

  • Height: 34.5" (seat up)
  • Shaft Colour: Green
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Style: Contoured
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Colour: Green
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber
  • Maximum User Weight: 20 stone

Combined Walking Stick and Portable Seat

The dual-purpose Seat Stick offers both a walking stick and a handy portable seat in one. It can transform from one form to another with ease, locking the new position into place securely with a spring-loaded button.

By combining both walking stick and seat, it makes it ideal for anybody who may struggle to walk long distances, thus requiring a sit-down rest at intervals. This can therefore both help to improve longer journeys and enhance the convenience of strolls for anybody with reduced mobility.

Revolutionary Tripod Design

The Flipstick features a revolutionary design that takes on a new approach to the traditional tripod design. Where other seat sticks with three legs may be more cumbersome to carry around, this Flipstick features just one single leg, or stem, with the two legs of the user forming the other two legs of the tripod formation.

Please note that anybody with difficulty supporting their own posture or whose legs may struggle to take any weight may not be able to use the Flipstick.

Comfortable Seat Design

The shape of the Flipstick seat is similar to that of a bicycle. This plastic seat is comfortable to rest one's body against, providing a practical seating option that can be carried around without compromise to the comfort provided by static seating.

Durable Aluminium Stem

The single stem of the Flipstick Seat Stick is constructed from aluminium. This is a durable material that can provide rigid support, whether the stick is utilised as a walking stick or as a seat.

Contoured Handle

When used as a walking stick, the seat portion of the Flipstick transforms into the handle of the stick. This features a contoured moulding on the underside, meaning fingers have comfortable curved ridges in which to rest. This will be particularly useful for anybody who may otherwise struggle to grip onto flat, non-contoured surfaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

With a non-slip rubber foot at the base of the stem, the Flipstick Seat Stick is ideal for use both indoors and outside. This makes it convenient for taking on trips outdoors, such as when camping or going on a picnic; even if the grass is damp or wet a comfortable seat can still be enjoyed.

The Flipstick will also be practical for use during events where provided seating may be limited or nonexistence. Such events may include sports games or outdoor theatre shows or cinema screenings. 

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