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Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Tattoo Rose)

Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Tattoo Rose)

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Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Tattoo Rose)

Get the protection you need to weather the elements in style with the Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Tattoo Rose). A favourite among so many, this umbrella with its dome-shape design and transparent cover is full of personality. Providing greater coverage than most umbrellas, this Birdcage brolly will keep you dry with every rain shower. 

Key Information

  • Height: 94cm (37")
  • Canopy Span: 84cm (33.1")
  • Umbrella Colour: Red
  • Handle Style: Crook
  • Handle Pattern: Plain
  • Handle Material: Plastic 
  • Handle Colour: Red
  • Weight: 530g (18.7oz)
  • Pattern: Tattoo Rose 

Iconic Design

First designed in 1967, the Fulton Birdcage Umbrella has an iconic design that is truly one of kind. With its classic crook handle and stylish dome structure, this umbrella has a look that's instantly recognisable, making this an ideal choice for the fashion conscious. 

Tattoo Rose Pattern

This version of the Fulton Birdcage has a trendy tattoo-style rose design that illustrates the canopy. Designed with style in mind, the deep red colour of the rose design matches the handle and ferrule tips, giving this umbrella a sophisticated finish for more fashionable wear. 

Fulton Birdcage Close-Up
Matching colours complete the iconic look

Transparent Canopy

Further adding to the distinctive look of the Fulton Birdcage Umbrella is its transparent cover. Not just stylish, this design feature helps to improve your visibility during use, making it easier for you to look around as you shield yourself from wet weather. 

Complete Coverage

Both stylish and practical, this dome shape umbrella gives superior protection from the weather. Providing total coverage of the head and shoulders from rain, the Fulton Birdcage umbrella creates a personal bubble of protection, so you can stay dry with every rain shower. 

Extra-Strong Frame

Designed with all-weather scenarios in mind, this Fulton umbrella uses a strong, fibreglass frame that provides added resistance against wind. This means the Fulton Birdcage can be used to shelter from the rain in windy weather, so you can have reliable coverage from the weather come what may. 

Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella Frame
Eight Fibreglass Ribs Create a Super-Strong Structure

Safe Opening Mechanism

Made with safety in mind, this umbrella uses a specially designed open and close mechanism that provides easy access to the dry with every rain drop. This makes the Fulton Birdcage umbrella perfect for those unexpected rain showers, providing hassle-free coverage from the rain whenever you need it. 

What Other Styles Are Available?

As the flagship design of the Fulton Collection, the Birdcage Umbrella is available in a range of different colours and designs for you to choose from. For information on the products available, please see below:




  • Canopy: PVC
  • Frame: Fibreglass

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Delivery Information

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