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Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)
Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)
Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)
Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)
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Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)

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Product Details

Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Cuff Crutch (Single)

If you find standard hospital crutches ugly, unsupportive and uncomfortable to use, why not go in for an upgrade? The Flexyfoot Standard Pink Soft Grip Closed Crutch (Single) is specially designed to provide top levels of comfort and support, with a clever Flexyfoot ferrule that absorbs shock and enhances grip.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Single Flexyfoot Crutch

Please note that this crutch is sold as a single unit, and can be used with either the left or right arm.

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 75 to 105cm (29.5 - 41.5")
  • Shaft Colour: Pink
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium/Fibreglass
  • Ferrule Style: Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule
  • Maximum User Weight: 130kg (20st)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexyfoot ferrule design provides extra reassuring grip and stability
  • Flexible bellows absorb shock on contact to reduce arm and hand strain
  • Soft-grip handle sits perfectly inside your palm for premium comfort levels
  • Hardwearing foot tread provides 50% more grip than a traditional crutch
  • Closed cuff design ensures extra security and safety
  • Double adjustable to allow for the ideal fit
  • Bright pink colour gives it a stylish and unique look

Who Can Use the Flexyfoot Soft Grip Crutch?

Ideal for anyone who needs mobility support in old age or after an injury, the Flexyfoot Soft Grip Crutch is light and sturdy enough for travelling long distances over rough, bumpy terrain. This crutch is far more versatile than most standard crutches, allowing you to traverse any surface safely and with less strain on your arms.

What's So Special About the Flexyfoot Ferrule?

Unlike standard ferrules found on standard crutches, the Flexyfoot crutches feature unique, shock-absorbent ferrules that provide outstanding grip and shock protection. The Flexyfoot ferrule bends to absorb the impacts as your crutches hit the ground, stopping painful vibrations from straining the body.

Learn more about this ingenious feature by watching the video below.

How Much Grip Does the Flexyfoot Ferrule Provide?

In addition to its shock-absorbing abilities, the Flexyfoot Ferrule also provides incredible foot tread with up to 50% more grip than your bog-standard ferrule. This hardwearing ferrule stays in full contact with the ground at all times, ensuring maximum traction and safety as you move.

Where Can I Buy Replacement Ferrules?

If you're using the Flexyfoot Crutch over a period of months or even years, the ferrule tread can start to wear away and lose its integrity. Once the wear markers located inside the tread on the outer ring (shown below) have worn away, it's time to get a replacement. You can find a substitute in our full range of Flexyfoot Ferrules.

Flexyfoot Ferrule Grip Tread

Can I Adjust the Height?

To make sure the crutch fits ergonomically, it can be adjusted to match the height of the user perfectly. The crutch is double adjustable either above or below the handle, allowing you to precisely tailor the fit to meet your exact needs and preferences.

Soft Grip Handle With Finger Indentations

The handle of this Flexyfoot Crutch is made with soft materials, as is shaped with anatomic finger indentations for your hand to sit comfortably in. This eases the pressure on your hands and feels nice and smooth for the skin, ensuring the crutch remains comfy throughout the day.

Can You Buy This Crutch as a Pair?

Please note that this purchase is for a single ambidextrous crutch that can be used with either arm. If you wish to buy this crutch as a pair, follow the link below:

Are Other Colours Available?

The Standard Flexyfoot Crutch is available in a range of colours to give you different options for personalisation. All the available colours are listed below.

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