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Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)
Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)

Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)

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Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black)

Rough terrain and unstable ground can mean mobility issues linger even when using a stick or a cane. The Flexyfoot 16mm Shock-Absorbing Ferrule (Black) is a robust and flexible ferrule designed to withstand shocks, light impact and the often unpredictable and unstable nature of different types of ground. It is a sturdy, rubber ferrule attachment that bends and moves as you lean and add different amounts of pressure, meaning it allows you to walk in areas that other less robust ferrules simply do not.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Flexyfoot Ferrule

Key Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use with crutches, canes and walking sticks
  • Springy, flexible design absorbs shocks to keep you stable
  • Textured rubber undersole grips the ground for safety and stability across all terrain
  • Adds stability and removes the need to replace a cane or stick you love using
  • Designed to make you feel more comfortable and confident when walking
  • Maximum weight capability of 20 stone (130kg)

See the Flexyfoot Ferrule in Action

Why Use a Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule?

Whilst necessary, using a cane or walking stick can cause a number of adverse conditions, including upper body pain, pain in the arm and postural issues. A Flexyfoot Ferrule is designed to absorb light shocks and bumps that the ferrule on a standard cane or stick will not.

This is perfect for users lacking confidence when using a stick or those wanting to make their current cane a little more robust over difficult and stubborn terrains.

Who Could Benefit From Using One?

Anyone looking to make their current cane or stick more stable will benefit from a Flexyfoot ferrule. The flexible and robust design will stand up to any terrain, making it viable for use on pavements, paths and grass.

Sizing Information

This Flexyfoot Ferrule has a diameter of 16mm, or 5/8 of an inch, meaning it accommodates canes with a circumference of 50mm. This colour ferrule is available in other sizes which are listed below:

Are Other Colours Available?

Click here to view this size ferrule in grey.

Rough and Uneven Terrain Ready

Flexyfoot Ferrules are designed for use on rough and uneven terrains, as they provide a level of support and stability that a standard can or stick ferrule simply cannot offer. Their thick, rubbery design absorbs all the rigour that you can throw at it, leaving you free to walk calm and confidently.

What Sticks Are Flexyfoot Ferrules Compatible With?

Flexyfoot ferrules are compatible with canes, crutches and walking sticks, provided the correct size for the stick is purchased. Simply remove the ferrule currently on a stick and attach the Flexyfoot ferrule for added support, stability and peace of mind.

Technical Data and Specifications

  • Circumference: 50mm
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Maximum Weight: 20 stone (130kg)

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