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Drive Medical Elastic Stick Strap

Drive Medical Elastic Stick Strap

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Drive Medical Elastic Stick Strap

Sometimes a fallen stick is difficult to retrieve, particularly if you have limited mobility and can't bend easily. The Drive Medical Elastic Stick Strap fastens around your stick and its cord fits around your wrist to help prevent your stick from falling on the ground.

Key Information

  • Prevents your stick from falling to the floor
  • Reduces the likelihood that your stick will get lost
  • Elastic strap fastens around stick
  • Cord fits around wrist
  • Ensures stick is always close to hand
  • Strap is light and unobtrusive to use
  • Fits most walking sticks

Prevents Stick from Getting Lost

As the Elastic Stick Strap allows you to keep your stick close to hand, it prevents it from getting lost when it isn't in use. The strap is light and unobtrusive and can be used with any type of walking stick. As the strap is elastic, it will expand to suit the diameter of your stick.

How Do You Fit the Strap to Your Stick?

The Drive Medical Strap is easy to fit onto your stick. To do so, simply remove your aid's ferrule and then place the strap around the end of your stick's shaft and move it upwards until it's resting on the stick's collar and is securely in place.

Please note that, although the strap is pictured on a walking stick, this is for demonstration purposes only; the stick is not included with your purchase.

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Delivery Information

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