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Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks

Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks

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Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks

Your feet feel the cold before any other part of you does, so it's important that while out and about in cold weather you can help your feet stay warm, especially while hiking or exploring. The Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks have been designed for walking to provide an exceptional level of heat insulation to feet and lower legs, helping them to stay warm while out in cold weather, while also working to prevent friction and blisters.

What's Special About the Design?

To help prevent rubbing and blisters, the double insulation sock utilises a double layer design. The inner layer stays with the foot while the outer layer moves with the shoe, preventing the friction that causes blisters from affecting the feet for easier long-term performance.

The dual layer design also helps with insulation. The inner layer is made using thin and smooth silk and polyester, and the outer layer is made with soft and comfortable Merino wool. Working together, these layers provide an exceptional level of insulation to feet, keeping them warm and protected against cold air.

What Size Is Right For Me? 

The Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks are available in three sizes based on shoe sizes. Use the table below to determine the right size for you:

EU Shoe Sizes UK Shoe Sizes
Sizes 35 - 36 Sizes 2 - 3.5
Sizes 37 - 38 Sizes 4 - 5
Sizes 39 - 41 Sizes 5.5 - 7

How Do the Socks Support Your Feet? 

These materials also make the socks incredibly easy to wear throughout the day. They provide exceptional comfort to feet and legs, and the wide ribbed cuff helps prevent the socks from slipping. An anatomical design for the left and right socks ensures a perfect fit for maximum comfort.

As well as being comfortable to wear, the Ski Insulation socks also help to support the ankle during exertion. A reinforced ankle, heel and instep works to stabilise the ankle, helping to keep it comfortable and reduce the risk of injury, and a reinforced shin helps to protect against impacts.

How Do the Socks Dry So Fast? 

Alongside silk and Merino wool, the socks also feature Polyamide fabric. This makes them incredibly fast-drying, making them perfect on the slopes where moisture and snow can get into your boots.

What Materials Are the Therm-Ic Ski Double Insulation Socks Made From? 

The Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks are made from the following materials:

  • Inner layer:
    • 49% Polyester
    • 38% Polyamide
    • 13% Silk
  • Outer layer:
    • 47% Acrylic
    • 35% Polyamide
    • 15% Merino wool
    • 3% Elastane

What Are the Therm-IC Socks' Key Features?

The key features of the Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks are:

  • Dual layer design prevents rubbing and insulates against cold temperatures
  • Utilises Polyamide fabric for quick drying – ideal for wet weather
  • Wide ribbed cuff keeps socks up to maintain comfort
  • Reinforced ankle, heel, instep and shin supports and protects
  • High design ideal for hiking and walking

The Therm-IC Ski Double Insulation Socks are supplied in Black.


Please note, all Therm-IC goods are supplied with a two year warranty on electronic components! This way, you can be sure of an extended, high-value period of use.

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