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Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks

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Product Details

Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks

When the temperature drops, your feet will feel the chill more than any other part of you, so it's vital that you can get warmth to your extremities while out and about. The Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks have been developed to provide your feet with direct warmth, ensuring they are protected from cold weather.

Please note that this listing is for the socks only. Batteries can be purchased separately; please see the High-Tech Batteries section below for more information.

Heat Transfer System

To ensure the heat the Powersocks provide is distributed evenly across your feet, the socks utilise a high-tech heat transfer system. This helps to ensure even circulation of heat across feet, preventing certain areas of the foot from being colder than others. There are even three different heat settings to help you get the warmth you want.

What's the Difference Between These Multi Heated Socks and the Uni Heated Socks?

The Uni Heated Socks feature a single heat pad under the toes, whereas these Multi Heated Socks feature a heating element that wraps over the top of the toes to provide more heat coverage. In addition, these Multi Heated Socks have micro channels to help wick away moisture, keeping the foot drier and, ultimately, warmer.

High-Tech Batteries

The Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat socks are powered by Therm-IC S-Pack battery packs. Supplied in pairs, these batteries provide an exceptional long life and are incredibly easy to use. They simply clip on to the sock and are charged using their included USB charger. The following batteries are compatible with the Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks:

Bluetooth-equipped batteries enable the Multi Heat socks to be controlled by your smartphone. The app, available for iOS and Android, provides you with everything you need for full control of the socks, making it easy to adjust the heat level while on the move.

Please note that these Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat socks are supplied without batteries, which must be bought separately and are required for the socks to function.

Comfortable and Practical

Designed for practicality, the Multi Heat socks are incredibly versatile and ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. Soft synthetic materials make the socks exceptionally comfortable to wear for longer periods, and Xitaint fibre is used throughout the sock, which works to keep feet warm for longer.

Anatomical Fit

An anatomical design enables the Multi Heat socks to provide a perfect fit to any feet, helping to improve both the comfort the socks provide as well as the warmth. What's more, the heating elements are imperceptible, providing you with an irritation-free fit.

Easy to Wash

The socks can be washed up to 30°C, making it incredibly easy to keep them fresh and ready to wear. The optimised positioning of the heating elements helps to improve the life of the socks further, keeping them protected and safe.

Sizing of the Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks

The Therm-IC Powersock Multi Heat Heated Socks is available in four sizes based on shoe sizes. Use the table below to find the size that's right for you:

EU Shoe Sizes UK Shoe Sizes
Sizes 35 - 38 Sizes 2.5 - 5
Sizes 39 - 41 Sizes 5.5 - 7
Sizes 42 - 44 Sizes 8 - 9.5
Sizes 45 - 47 Sizes 10.5 - 12

Materials of the Multi Heat Socks

  • Polyamide 50% (nylon)
  • Acrylic 30%
  • Polypropylene 9%
  • Polyester 8%
  • Elastane 3%

Please note that the style of this product has recently been updated. As such, styles may vary slightly.

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