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Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane
Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses CaneSilver-Plated Frolicking Horses CaneSilver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane

Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane

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Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane

Though any formal walking stick can be the perfect accessory for a day at the races, this very attractive Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane has been designed specifically for that purpose. The beautifully decorated silver-plated handle features a highly detailed carving of four horses, while the durable hardwood shaft is tapered and painted an elegant black to give the cane an even more formal feel.

Key Information

  • Height: 92cm (36")
  • Shaft Colour: Black
  • Shaft Pattern: Plain
  • Shaft Material: Hardwood
  • Handle Style: Novelty
  • Handle Pattern: Wildlife
  • Handle Material: Silver-plated
  • Handle Colour: Silver
  • Ferrule Size: 13mm (1/2")
  • Ferrule Style: Brass
  • Weight: 340g

Elaborately Decorated Handle

The handle is elaborately decorated with detailed carvings of four horses. Their flowing manes and tails are depicted in low relief around the sides of the handle, while the top of the handle shows ten hoof prints.

Downward Facing Horseshoes

Seven lucky horseshoes adorn the collar of the cane. In spite of the popular myth that horseshoes are only lucky if the prongs face upwards, many equestrian enthusiasts know that upward-facing prongs really mean the devil can sit in the arc of the shoe.

Black Hardwood Shaft

The durable shaft is made of hardwood* and slightly tapered for an even more stylish look. The wood is then coloured a shiny black for the truly glamorous appearance, and fitted with a smart brass ferrule to complete the look.

Hallmark Explanation

The Italian-made handle is hallmarked 'R925': the European hallmark for silver that has been applied in a layer over a moulded head. The R stands for 'rivestito', Italian for 'covered'. The '925' means that the metal used contains at least 925 parts pure silver to each 1000 parts. European '925 silver' is the same quality of silver that in the UK is referred to as 'sterling silver'.

*The type of hardwood used depends on current availability of wood.

Please note that this cane is not suitable for heavy or orthopaedic use.

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