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Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Stain Remover Cleaning Lotion (140ml)

Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Stain Remover Cleaning Lotion (140ml)

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Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Stain Remover Cleaning Lotion (140ml)

Developed to completely remove stains from any material, the Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Stain Remover Cleaning Lotion (140ml) is the number one eco-friendly option for customers looking to clean their footwear. With a bottle constructed from 100% recycled materials, this toxin-free cleaning lotion is created using only natural ingredients, and effectively removes stains while preserving the integrity of your footwear.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Cleaning lotion for dirt and stains on leather shoewear
  • Supplied in a 140ml pump-dispenser bottle
  • Bottle constructed from 100% recycled materials
  • Natural organic and powerful water-based active ingredients
  • Ideal for shoes with special surface finishes that require preserving
  • Completely toxin-free design

Who Can Use the Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Lotion? 

Anyone with a pair of trainers or shoes they love can use the Shoeboy's Organic Shoe Lotion for guaranteed results. In a world of leather shoewear and fossil fuel factories, it's reassuring to know that Shoeboy's manufacturing process is near 100% eco-friendly, with a fully recyclable bottle and completely natural ingredients.

Shoeboy's Are Committed Environmentalists
Shoeboy's products are 100% eco-friendly

How Do I Use the Shoeboy's Shoe Stain Remover Lotion?

To use Shoeboy's Stain Remover, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Brush off coarse dust and dirt
  2. Test for compatibility on an inconspicuous patch of material before use
  3. Spray three to four bursts onto the moistened brush and massage into the material in circular movements
  4. Remove any foam residue using a moist cloth, or rinse shoes in tap water
  5. Leave to dry out thoroughly
  6. Clean up the edges of the soles using a brush

Who Are Shoeboy's? 

Shoeboy's fuse both tradition and innovation in foot care, using only the best quality materials and cutting-edge orthopaedic knowledge. All of their products are made at their own production facilities, so they're involved at every level of the process.

Professional Shoe Care Range

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredients:
    • <5 % Anionic Surfactants
    • Non-ionic Surfactants
    • Soap
    • Perfumes
    • Phenoxyethanol

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Delivery Information

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