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Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)
Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)

Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)

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Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite)

Support at home is just as important as it is outside, especially if your living on your own. To ensure safety at all times, the Saljol Page Indoor Rollator with Hand Brakes (Anthracite) has a strong powdered steel frame that's perfectly balanced to prevent tipping and overturning. With a narrow design and swivelling wheels, the Page Walker is ideal for navigating domestic environments where small spaces and clutter can restrict movement.

Key Information

  • Height
    • Small: 31" (79cm)
    • Medium: 34" (86cm)
    • Large: 36" (91cm)
  • Seat Height
    • Small: 20" (52cm)
    • Medium: 22" (55cm)
    • Large: 23" (58cm)
  • Frame Colour: Anthracite
  • Pattern: Plain
  • Frame Material: Powdered Steel
  • Seat Material: Beech
  • Handle Style: Handlebar
  • Handle Pattern: Plain
  • Weight: 9.7kg (21lb)
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg (24 stone)
  • Supplied with removeable beech seat

What's Included?

  • 1 x Indoor Rollator
  • 1 x Beech Seat

Key Features and Benefits

  • Narrow rollator frame: Perfect for smaller homes with narrow corridors, the Page has a slender design that makes it easy to manoeuvre through the house without getting stuck.
  • Swivel wheels for greater mobility: With a turning circle of only 66cm, the Page Indoor Rollator can turn on the spot, making it easy to steer round obstacles.
  • Use while standing or sitting: Featuring a removable beech seat that folds upwards, the Page will seamlessly transition from rollator to seated walker.
  • Firm and stable: Designed for optimal stability, the 38mm steel tube frame is both steady and comfortable.

Who Can Use the Saljol Page Indoor Rollator?

Featuring a strong, narrow frame and a concise turning circle, the Saljol Page Indoor Rollator is ideally suited for domestic use by elderly people or people with conditions affecting their mobility. This indoor rollator is suitable for use with the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Stroke victims

Where Can I Use the Saljol Page Indoor Rollator?

The Saljol Page Rollator is suitable for users that need extra mobility support at home. This agile rollator is capable of squeezing through tight corridors and around clutter. As an added bonus, the rollator features a subtle, modern style to blend in with the home and not appear medical.

Please note: this rollator is made specifically for indoor use and is not recommended to use outside. 

How Stable is the Saljol Page Rollator?

Made from a sturdy steel tube, the Page Rollator guarantees safety for its users. The Z-shaped design of the rollator balances the weight and prevents it from toppling, even when intentional force is applied to the frame. 

Anti-Slip Wheels 

Built by Manner, a leading medical products manufacturer, the wheels of the Saljol Page are made from anti-slip TPE. This ensures that the rollator will never run away or slip out from underneath you.

Nimble and Narrow

Equipped with swivel wheels, the Page Indoor Rollator will fully rotate in small, tight spaces. When coupled with the frame's narrow design, this agile rollator allows you to easily manoeuvre through your home without getting stuck on furniture or caught in tight spaces.

Use While Standing or Sitting

Supplied with a foldable beechwood seat, the Page Rollator can be used while you stand or sit. The seated position is perfect for when you need support in the kitchen or at other work surfaces and the standing position lets you move around freely in the house.

Hand Brakes for Extra Safety

To ensure you are always in control of the rollator, the Saljol Page Rollator comes with two hand brakes located on the underside of the handles. These hand brakes come with a park function so that the rollator remains stationary for when you need a sturdy seat or an extra tabletop.

Styled to Suit the Home

The Page Indoor rollator has a fresh, modern look, designed intentionally so that it looks more like furniture than medical equipment. This rollator comes with a crisp anthracite frame that blends perfectly with most domestic colour pallets. However, if you prefer a lighter coloured rollator, this product is also available in an Ivory colour.

Customise Your Page Indoor Rollator

The Saljol Page is available with a wide range of accessories that make your indoor rollator a dynamic tool with many versatile functions. These available accessories include:

See the Saljol Page Rollator in Action

Still not convinced? Check out the video below for a full demonstration of all the Saljol Page's capabilities, including how to fit and use various accessories.

Technical Specifications

  • Rollator Weight: 9.7kg
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 150kg
  • Recommended User Height:
    • Small: 135 - 165cm
    • Medium: 50 - 180cm
    • Large: 170 - 200cm
  • Seat Height:
    • Small: 52cm
    • Medium: 55cm
    • Large: 58cm 
  • Handle Height:
    • Small: 80cm
    • Medium: 86cm
    • Large: 92cm
  • Largest Width Bottom (Wheels): 56cm
  • Largest Width Top (Handles): 51cm
  • Distance Between Handles: 43cm


  • Frame: Powder Coated Steel
  • Wheel Tyre: TPE (Thermoplastic Rubber)
  • Seat: Wood (Beech)

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