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Rollz Motion Wheelchair Seatbelt
Rollz Motion Wheelchair SeatbeltRollz Motion Wheelchair SeatbeltRollz Motion Wheelchair Seatbelt

Rollz Motion Wheelchair Seatbelt

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Rollz Motion Wheelchair Seatbelt

Venturing over rough terrain significantly increases the likelihood of falling from the wheelchair. To prevent a nasty fall from happening, the Rollz Motion Wheelchair Seatbelt fastens across the occupant with a buckle that prevents them from slipping and jolting when riding over bumpy or uneven surfaces. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Buckled Seatbelt

Key Features and Benefits

  • Keeps occupant secure on rough terrain and steep gradients
  • Fitted with Velcro to adjust to the required length
  • Foam padding for greater abdominal comfort
  • Stores neatly at the top of the wheelchair package

Peace of Mind

Having a safety belt gives you the added protection necessary to provide peace of mind the next time you take your rollator off-road. Encountering steep hills or bumpy footpaths becomes a lot less daunting when you have your faithful Rollz Motion Seatbelt to look after you.

No Compromise on Comfort

Thanks to the foam padding, the Rollz Motion Seatbelt makes you rollator no less comfortable. Make sure that the padding is pressed against your abdomen and the belt won't dig into your stomach and become irritating. 

Easy to Attach

Featuring a Velcro strap, the Rollz Seatbelt attaches easily to the back of the wheelchair package. The Velcro material is fully adjustable, so you can fit it to match your body type and ensure optimal safety. 

Compatible Products

This important safety accessory works with all Rollz Motion Models, including:

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