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Rollz Motion Rollator Travel Jacket
Rollz Motion Rollator Travel Jacket
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Rollz Motion Rollator Travel Jacket

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Product Details

Rollz Motion Rollator Travel Jacket

To ensure the longevity of your rollator, it's important to keep it protected from the elements. The Rollz Motion Rollator Travel Jacket is an innovative cover that shields your rollator from rain and grime, even when in use. This prevents rust from forming and ruining the functionality of the rollator so that it can serve you better, for longer.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Travel Jacket

Key Information

  • Keeps your rollator protected in bad weather and rough terrain
  • Zippers to allow use of rollator while covered
  • Covers the rollator while folded for safer transport
  • Includes a label for identification of your rollator

How Do I Use the Rollz Motion Travel Jacket?

To use the jacket, remove the wheelchair package and fold the rollator. Once folded, reattach the wheelchair package by slotting it in between the folded seat. The unzipped jacket should then fit snuggly around the folded rollator.

Zip up the jacket and tighten the four Velcro fastenings above the wheels for a secure fit. Please see the below video for a full demonstration.

Can I Use the Rollator with the Cover On?

The rollator can also still be used whilst covered. To do so, unzip the zippers at the top and and you can freely move the rollator around as normal. 

Transports Easily

When your unsure how the weather will turn but want to be on the safe side, the Rollz Motion Jacket can be stored on the rollator when not in use. Simply roll up the jacket, then fasten it to the rollator frame using the supplied strap.

Compatible Products

This protective cover is compatible with most Rollz Motion models, including:

The Rollz Motion Cover makes an especially great pairing with the Rollz Motion All-Terrain Wheelchair and Rollator, which is specifically designed for rougher terrains and harsher conditions. 

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