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Pedag Shoe Deodorant Spray

Pedag Shoe Deodorant Spray

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Pedag Shoe Deodorant Spray

Whether it's following a morning at the gym or an evening full of dancing, we've all experienced smelly shoes. The Pedag Shoe Deodorant Spray eradicates those unpleasant odours with a light scent of lime to add freshness to your shoes.

How Does the Pedag Shoe Deo Work?

All shoes can start to emit unpleasant odours, particularly those that are worn frequently, which can be extremely embarrassing and might make you think twice about visiting the beach or the gym. The Pedag Deodorant Spray neutralises unpleasant smells and destroys bacteria, then replaces them with a light scent of lime to add freshness to your shoes.

How Do You Apply the Deodorant Spray?

  1. Shake the Shoe Deodorant well before use
  2. Spray in shoes as needed
  3. Allow to dry
  4. If the odour persists, spray again

Why Do Our Shoes Smell?

Unsurprisingly, our shoes begin to smell when our feet do, which is caused by sweating excessively. This sweat is absorbed by our shoes and after long-term use, this causes a build up of bacteria which produces an unpleasant odour. With the Deodorant Spray, shoes can be quickly freshened up any time and anywhere.

Fits in Your Bag

Whether you're going to the beach or to the gym, being able to spray your shoes with the Pedag Deodorant whenever and wherever you want helps tackle embarrassing odours quickly and effectively. The Pedag Shoe Deodorant Spray fits into most bags with ease for convenient transportation and use when out and about.

Travel Friendly

Even at the best of times, feet can get overheated and begin to smell. This can worsen in hotter climates and, even worse, when on holiday. As this shoe deodoriser comes in a 100ml bottle, it's easy to slip inside your bag and is even the perfect size to accompany you in your hand luggage on flights.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Suitable for use on all materials
  • Helps improve your hygiene and cleanliness
  • Saves you from the embarrassment of foot odour
  • Subtle and fresh lime scent keeps your feet feeling and smelling fresh
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours and destroys bacteria
  • Provided in a 100ml container for easier travel and carry-on luggage on flights
  • Deodorant has been dermatologically tested for reduced skin irritation
  • Pump spray in glass bottle for easy application

Additional Information

  • If medical advice is needed, have the product's container or label at hand
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Designed to be 100% biodegradable
  • Suitable for indoor use

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