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Lilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist Loops (Pack of 10)

Lilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist Loops (Pack of 10)

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Available, dispatched within 1-2 days  

Available, dispatched within 1-2 days

Lilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist LoopLilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist Loop
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Lilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist Loops (Pack of 10)

Finding the perfect wrist loop that will match your walking stick can be difficult. The Lilac Blue Walking Stick Wrist Loops (Pack of 10) have a stunning design that would suit a range of supports, from those with loud designs to those with a more subtle style.

How Can the Wrist Loops Help You?

If you often drop or lose your support, it can take considerable effort to retrieve the item. These Walking Stick Wrist Loops allow you to keep an eye on your support. Supplied in a pack of ten, you can easily replace your wrist loop when it becomes worn for your own peace of mind.

When you use one of the Lilac Blue Wrist Loops, this also gives you the freedom to use your hands. This is particularly useful when you're around other people and need to use them for a different activity unhindered by your walking stick.

How Do You Fit the Wrist Loop?

Fitting the Lilac Blue Wrist Loop to your support is easy. Simply slide the accessory up the stick from the ferrule end.

If the stick is fitted with a rubber ferrule, this must be removed temporarily in order to fit the wrist loop. The cord loop may then be placed around your wrist, allowing you to have both hands free without dropping or losing your mobility aid.

Please note that the walking stick pictured is not provided with the pack of 10 wrist loops.

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