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HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit
HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full KitHotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full KitHotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit

HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer Full Kit

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HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer

We all want to keep our hands warm while out and about, but gloves aren't always enough, and can be inconvenient. The HotRox Electronic Hand Warmer keeps your hands warm wherever you are with a quick flick of a switch, and it can be slipped into a pocket at a moment's notice if you want your hands free. 

What's Included? 

HotRox Hand Warmers come in a stylish box, perfect if you are giving it as a Christmas present. Inside the box is everything you need to get started.

  • 1 x HotRox Hand Warmer
  • 1 x Heat Bag/Carry Case
  • 1 x Mains Charger
  • 1 x USB Charge Lead
  • 1 x Instructions
  • 1 x HotRox Sticker

What Can the Hand Warmer Do to Help Me?

Don't let cold hands keep you from spending a day out in nature! The HotRox will stay warm for the longest of country walks, and if you need a moment to examine a map or pick some holly, then it's super easy to slip back into your pocket. Microwaves aren't particularly common in the countryside, and so it's a relief to know the HotRox does not require one to switch on. 

Who Is the HotRox Warmer For?

The HotRox is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their hands warm over a full six hours of the day, without having to worry about microwaves. The warmer is ideal for walkers, golfers, outdoor workers, camping, fishing or watching live sport. 

How Long Will the HotRox Remain Hot? 

HotRox hand warmers have three heat settings: Off, Medium and High. This allows for a heat cycle of up to six hours, easily long enough to keep you warm whatever you are doing. HotRox hand warmers are great for a range of activities such as golf, working outside, commuting, working in a cold environment et cetera. They are also the perfect product for people suffering from Raynaud's disease as they help to mitigate the effects of the condition.

How Long Does it Take the HotRox to Warm Up?

Each HotRox Hand Warmer features a specially designed heat-plate that can heat up in approximately 15 seconds once turned on. When HotRox Hand Warmer is turned off it will cool down just as quick, allowing true heat on demand unlike equivalent gel hand warmers. HotRox Hand Warmers use a rechargeable lithium battery that holds its charge for months on end so you always know its ready for when you need it most.

Is the Electronic Hand Warmer Comfortable to Hold?

HotRox hand warmers are made to be held — the sleek tactile design is only 19mm thick, meaning that you can hold it in a comfortable manner that does not cause cramping in your hands. Simply turn HotRox on and grasp it lightly with the hand to allow the heat to transfer and warm up your hand. Once your hand is warm you can transfer the HotRox handwarmer to the other hand and enjoy the warmth.

How Hot Does the Hand Warmer Get?

The medium heat setting is 45°C which will remain charged for six hours. The high heat setting is 50°C which will retain its charge for three hours. 

Will This Warmer Fit Inside My Gloves?

While the HotRox may be able to fit inside some extra-stretchy gloves, it is designed for use before putting gloves on to gives hands an extra heat boost, and may be uncomfortable inside your gloves due to the size. The HotRox Handwarmer is an ideal way to heat your hands in seconds, even when nothing else seems to be working!

How Do you Recharge the HotRox Electronic Warmer?

HotRox Hand Warmers are a lifestyle product for everyone; unlike other hand warmers HotRox requires no fuss or messy refueling. Simply recharge HotRox with the included mains adaptor or plug it in to the USB port of any computer. HotRox hand warmers can be fully recharged in about 2 hours, so it's ready when you are!

Is the HotRox Safe to Use?

The HotRox is very safe to use and will not leak or burst the way some other hand warmers will. If you suffer from diabetes or are otherwise insensitive to heat consult a doctor before use. 

Is the HotRox Right For Me?

If warmth is more important for you than dexterity you might try the Therm-IC mittens instead. 

Key Features?

  • Can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch for quick response
  • Provides up to six hours of continuous heat so you can take it on your longest walk
  • Takes only 15 seconds to heat up for instant relief from the cold
  • Charges easily with a USB cable

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