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Hazel Hiker Stick with Natural Bark

Hazel Hiker Stick with Natural Bark

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Hazel Hiking Stick with Natural Bark

Whether you're a keen hiker or are just getting started with your hiking ventures, the Hazel Hiking Stick with Natural Bark is an ideal choice for providing a little extra stability on your trail. A kinder option for nature, the hazel wood is harvested from sustainable forests, and is fitted with a wrist strap and a plain ferrule for improved stability on various outdoor terrains.

Key Information

  • Height: 51" (130cm)
  • Shaft Colour: Dark Wood
  • Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Shaft Material: Hazel
  • Handle Style: Staff
  • Handle Pattern: Wood Grain
  • Handle Material: Hazel
  • Handle Colour: Dark Wood
  • Ferrule Size: 19mm (3/4")
  • Ferrule Style: Metal
  • Wrist cord included

Hazel Wood Shaft for Improved Stability

The hiking stick has been constructed from hazel wood with natural bark. Hazel wood is very strong and reliable, allowing it to effectively support you while walking or standing. The wooden construction and appearance blends in well when you're out and about; whether spending the day hiking up a hill or the weekend trekking through the forest, the hiking staff will make a visually appealing and highly practical companion.

Plain Ferrule for Varied Terrains

The Hazel Hiking Stick features a plain metal ferrule at the base of the wood. This ferrule helps to provide stability when walking, and is particularly useful for when you're hiking up a hill as it provides you with a little extra support to maintain balance.

The ferrule also provides protection for the wooden walking staff. By using the ferrule to strike the ground instead of the base of the hazel wood stick, the longevity of the stick will increase.

Leather Wrist Strap for Easier Gripping

A brown leather wrist strap is included with the Hazel Hiking Stick. This can be slipped over your wrist to help with gripping onto the stick while you amble. The strap also eliminates the need to place the stick on the ground if you stop for a rest or to retrieve something from your backpack, thus reducing the risk of it rolling away back down the hill.

Harvested from Sustainable Forests

As the typical hiker enjoys nature and the natural surroundings, it is important that this stick has been constructed from woods harvested from sustainable forests. This way, hiking can continue to be enjoyed in and around the forest while reaping the benefits of the wood, all with the knowledge that your hiker stick has been created with sustainable forestry.

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