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Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrella (Black)
 Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrella (Black)Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrella (Black) 

Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrella (Black)

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Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrella (Black) 

Having a lightweight umbrella at hand at all times is the best way to ensure you're never caught out in the rain. As one of the lightest umbrellas you can buy, the Fulton Aerolite Super Lightweight Compact Umbrellas (Black) is easy to stow wherever you go. Despite its size, the Aerolite still delivers with exceptional protection against rain, wind and sun.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Compact Umbrella

Key Information

  • Height: 20cm
  • Canopy Span: 83cm
  • Umbrella Colour: Black
  • Handle Style: Compact
  • Handle Pattern: Plain
  • Handle Colour: Black
  • Weight: 86g (approx.)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-lightweight compact umbrella for easy carriage
  • Carbon ribs provide lightweight strength
  • Flexible rib frame can invert without damage in wind
  • Elegantly simple design in a formal black colour
  • Aluminium shaft to protect against rusting
  • High-density polyester fabric withstands heavy rain
  • Protects against UV ratings of up to UPF50+ 
  • Small handle hook for convenient storage
  • Three stage frame with five carbon ribs

Who Can Use the Fulton Aerolite Lightweight Umbrella?

The extremely light, compact design of the Fulton Aerolite Umbrella makes it perfect for taking with you in unpredictable weather. Able to fit neatly inside a pocket or bag, this elegantly designed umbrella can accompany you on your way to and from work.

How Much Rain Protection Does the Aerolite Provide?

Made from high-density polyester fabric, the Aerolite provides phenomenal protection against even the most torrential downpours. The generously sized 83cm canopy ensures that you have more than enough room to stay shielded from the rain in multiple directions.

How Much UV Protection Does the Aerolite Provide?

The Aerolite Umbrella has been awarded a UPF50+ sun protective rating, the highest possible rating a fabric can achieve. This means that only 2% of ultraviolet radiation is able to penetrate the polyester fabric, which significantly reduces the risk of developing skin cancer or suffering heat stroke.

How Light is the Aerolite Umbrella?

Thanks to the carbon ribs and ultra-light polyester canopy, the Aerolite lives up to its namesake as one of the lightest umbrellas found on the market. Weighing only 86g, this featherweight umbrella can be carried around all day without a problem, and is small enough when compact to fit inside a handbag or pocket.

Fulton Aerolite Umbrella Compact
Fits in the palm of your hand when compact

Is the Aerolite Umbrella Windproof?

Poor quality umbrellas are often rendered completely useless after losing a battle with strong winds. This isn't the case for the Aerolite Umbrella, which can withstand inversion without damage thanks to the flexible carbon frame.

How Compact is the Fulton Aerolite Umbrella?

The below image provides a handy size comparison between this umbrella and others from Fulton's compact range.

Fulton Compact Umbrella Size Comparison

Check out our full Fulton Umbrella Range to find your perfect umbrella in the size that's right for you.

Are Other Styles Available?

This Aerolite Umbrella features a formal black cover that's ideal for rainy commutes. However, it is also available in other colours and patterns, including:

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 86g (3oz)
  • Canopy Span: 83cm (32.7")
  • Compact Length: 20cm (7.9")
  • Compact Width: 3.5cm (1.4")
  • Rib Length: 48cm (18.9")
  • Colour: Black


  • Canopy: Polyester fabric
  • Ribs: Carbon
  • Shaft: Aluminium

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Delivery Information

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