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Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule
Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing FerruleFlexyfoot Shock-Absorbing FerruleFlexyfoot Shock-Absorbing FerruleFlexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule

Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule

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Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule

If you suffer from mobility issues, a walking stick can be a fantastic addition to your daily life, enabling you to complete a number of tasks that would otherwise be impossible. However, continuous use of walking sticks can have its own drawbacks, including upper body discomfort caused by impact and the risk of slipping on rough terrain. The Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule is suitable for the majority of crutches, canes, walking poles and small walking sticks and helps absorb shock and therefore prevent discomfort.

One of the most popular pieces of disability equipment on the market, the Flexyfoot ferrule is a British invention that allows you to travel across a range of terrain with a lower risk of slipping or falling. The Flexyfoot can be easily added to a number of different products (see below for an idea on sizing).

Shock Absorption

Traditional walking stick ferrules (commonly known as 'walking stick end caps' or 'walking stick tips') do not absorb the shock generated every time the walking stick touches the ground. This shock travels through the hand and arm, leading to fatigue and discomfort. The uniquely designed bellows on the Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule absorb shock, which in turn helps to relieve pain.

This shock absorption is ideal for people who are suffering from elbow and shoulder pain as a result of using crutches or another walking aid. The Flexyfoot features two parts: a collar and pleated bellows. The bellows act like a spring to absorb shock, meaning less is transferred to your body compared to traditional rubber ferrules.

Designed for Rough Terrain

Because the bellows make the ferrule flexible, the Flexyfoot ferrule stays in contact with the ground even over rough terrain for better grip. This helps make you feel more comfortable and secure and allows you to lead a more active lifestyle. Due to this additional grip, people looking for ferrules for a walking staff or walking canes should consider the Flexyfoot first.

Features and Benefits of the Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule

  • Suitable for crutches, canes and small walking sticks
  • Absorbs shock to reduce risk of fatigue or discomfort
  • Can be used on rough or uneven terrain
  • Makes you feel more comfortable and secure

Save on Expensive Crutches

Using the Flexyfoot ferrule with a pair of crutches means you can save on more expensive spring-loaded crutches; even when you stop using your crutches, you can use the Flexyfoot ferrule to absorb shock with your everyday walking stick. This makes the ferrule highly versatile during use.

Sizing of the Flexyfoot Ferrule

You can purchase Flexyfoot ferrules in grey or black. Our ferrules come in four sizes depending on the diameter of your walking aid. Check our size guide to see which size is suitable for your walking stick or crutch.

Size Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
16 16mm 50mm
19 19mm 60mm
22 22mm 70mm
25 25mm 80mm

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum user weight: 130kg (20 stone)

Please note that the design may vary slightly to the pictured product.

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