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Flexyfoot Ice Boot for Flexyfoot Ferrules

Flexyfoot Ice Boot for Flexyfoot Ferrules

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Flexyfoot Ice Boot for Flexyfoot Ferrules

Anyone that has used a walking stick or crutches in icy conditions knows just how tricky it can be. Even if you are using shoes with a good level of grip, your walking aid may be prone to slipping and this can pose a huge threat to your wellbeing. Designed to provide you with greater levels of grip in icy and snowy conditions, the Flexyfoot Ice Boot for Flexyfoot Ferrules can improve your safety and security.

Simple Addition to Your Existing Ferrule

Designed to be used with the Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule, this handy Ice Boot is easily attached to the bottom of your ferrule to provide extra traction when needed. The simple design allows you to adapt your ferrule as and when you need it with a minimum of hassle or trouble.

Ideal for Icy Conditions

With a circular array of stainless steel teeth, the Flexyfoot Ice Boot digs into snow and ice to give you a greater level of confidence when walking in treacherous conditions. The ice boot is supplied with a cover that provides the same level of traction as the original footing of the Flexyfoot Ferrule.

The benefit of the cover is that it allows you to use the Flexyfoot Ice Boot when moving from indoors to outside without having to remove the boot completely. Ensuring that flooring is not damaged and protecting the integrity of the gripping spikes, this cover allows you to use the ice boot easily and effectively.

Sizing of the Flexyfoot Ice Boot

The Flexyfoot Ice Boot is available in a single size that is suitable for use with all sizes of Flexyfoot Ferrule.

Additional Information

To ensure the longevity of your ice boot and its performance, it is recommended that you only use the boot when you need it. For example, even with the cover on, it should not be left on when weather conditions are not icy or snowy.

Please note that this product requires a Flexyfoot Standard Ferrule, which is pictured here for demonstration purposes and is not included.

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