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Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding Crutch
 Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding CrutchFlexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding Crutch 

Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding Crutch

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Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding Crutch

The Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Soft Grip Open Cuff Red Folding Crutch offers is made to maximise comfort, safety and ease of transport for the user. Its carbon fibre material is lightweight but durable, and it is fitted with a shock absorbing ferrule which can help reduce upper body pain.

What's Included In My Purchase?

  • 1 x Crutch

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 78 to 98cm (31 to 39")
  • Shaft Colour: Red
  • Shaft Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Ferrule Style: Flexyfoot Shock-Absorbing Ferrule
  • Maximum User Weight: 130kg (20stone)

Who Can Benefit from the Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Crutch?

The Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre Crutch is great for frequent travellers. It is made from light carbon fibre, and is very easy to store and carry due to its foldable design.

How Does This Crutch Relieve Upper Body Pain?

This crutch has a specially designed ferrule fitted to its base known as the Flexyfoot ferrule. The bellows of this ferrule bend and absorb impact shock when your crutch hits the ground, preventing the force from affecting your body. The result is lasting comfort no matter how often you use your crutch.


How Much Grip Does the Carbon Fibre Crutch Provide?

The flexible bellows of this crutch provide twice the grip of a standard ferrule as they bend with each step you take. This means your crutch's tread is in contact with the ground more of the time, helping to prevent slippages.

Height Adjustable

The Flexyfoot Soft Grip Crutch is height adjustable within a range of 78 - 98cm. Its foldable construction makes it very easy to find the right height for you, and modify it whenever necessary.

Soft Grip Handle

The Flexyfoot Carbon Fibre's straight, soft grip handle holds your hand and wrist in a comfortable resting position. Additionally, its open cuff design is less cumbersome than closed cuff alternatives, and therefore allows you to retain more freedom of movement.

Are a Pair of Crutches Available?

Please note that these crutches are supplied as singles. To purchase a pair, you can follow the link below:

What Colour Is This Crutch?

This crutch comes in a vibrant red colour. If you'd like something more classic in style, it is also available in black.

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