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Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Poles with Contoured Handle (Pair)

Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Poles with Contoured Handle (Pair)

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Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured HandleBlue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured Handle
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Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Poles with Contoured Handle (Pair)

Hiking with two poles has significant advantages over hiking with just one. With this money-saving deal, you can get Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Poles with Contoured Handle (Pair) at a discounted price, and make sure you take full advantage of the support hiking sticks can provide.

Key Information

  • Height: Adjustable from 25" to 53"
  • Shaft Colour: Blue
  • Shaft Material: Aluminium
  • Handle Style: Contoured
  • Handle Colour: Black
  • Ferrule Style: Rubber
  • Pack of two hiking sticks
  • Wrist cords included

What's Included in This Package?

This deal includes two Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Poles at a discounted price. While hiking poles can be used both independently and in pairs, using two poles comes with significant benefits, as they allow you to use your whole body while walking uphill or downhill, which helps to strengthen your upper body muscles and achieve both spinal rotation and elongation. When hiking this way, you will quickly notice you have more endurance, but will feel less exertion.

Can You Use Just One Hiking Pole?

Yes, absolutely. Using just one pole will give you that extra bit of stability you might need, while keeping your other hand free. If that sounds more to your liking, please note that the Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole is also sold individually.

Sturdy Yet Lightweight Construction

When hiking, it is important that you can receive sufficient support without adding too much weight to your load. This Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole will be no burden as it is constructed from a lightweight aluminium. This way, you can rest assured that the pole will provide you with reliable support while hiking without compromising your agility.

Contoured Handle and Wrist Strap

Not only is the hiking pole lightweight, but it is also easy to grip onto. It features a contour-moulded handle around which the palm and fingers can easily grip, thus enabling comfortable gripping without worrying about accidentally releasing grasp.

A wrist strap is also included with the hiking pole. This will be particularly useful for when both hands are required, ensuring that you don't need to place the stick on the ground at any time. This will be particularly beneficial when hiking up hills, as it significantly reduces the risk of the hiking pole rolling away.

Adjustable Height

In order to ensure that posture can remain as comfortable and as safe as possible during use, the Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole has been constructed with the option of height adjustment. It can be altered from 25" (63cm) to 53" (135cm), making it ideal for most individuals.

Suitable for All Terrains

When hiking, it is likely that you will happen upon varying terrains. This hiking stick has been designed with this in mind, and features a carbide steel tip and removable rubber ferrule. This will help you to ensure that you can be prepared for any walking surfaces, whether solid and unforgiving or soft and unstable.

Shock-Absorbing Insert

When walking on hard ground or hiking for any length of time, the impact of the hiking pole against the ground can reverberate up the pole, subsequently causing pain and discomfort to the wrist and arm. As the Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole has been fitted with a shock-absorbing insert, it absorbs some of that impact whenever the stick strikes against the ground.

This cushioning shock-absorption will work to greatly increase both comfort and safety of use while you hike. Whether you frequently go rambling or are a seasonal or casual hiker, the Blue Height-Adjustable Hiking Pole with Contoured Handle will provide you with reliable, practical, and comfortable support while you hike.

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