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Our Best Walking Sticks and Canes 2024

The world of walking sticks is vast, and it can be intimidating for a first time buyer. Do you need a lightweight folding stick for everyday use? If so, what colours, patterns or handles do you want? Looking for a hiking stick? Then you'll have to choose between rustic wooden sticks, high-tech trekking poles and a myriad of styles!

At, we're the authority on walking sticks and canes, and we're confident our selection has something for everyone. In this article, we'll go through the top picks from our stick experts, and give you some useful jumping off points to hone in on the perfect stick for the practical, the stylish and everyone in between.

For a quick view, we'll give you a starting point on our:

Our Best Folding Walking Sticks

If you need a stick that you can toss in your bag for quick use whenever you need it, folding walking sticks and canes are the best option. These are available in a huge range of styles and colours, letting you accessorise with any outfit for the perfect blend of convenience and fashion.

Our Best Wooden Walking Sticks

Classic and never out of style, wooden walking sticks are made by skilled woodworkers with all sorts of woods to create unique and durable walking aids. All handles and designs are possible, letting you choose from the rugged to the refined.

Our Best Wooden Hiking Sticks

There's no better companion to a walk in the woods than a rustic and striking wooden hiking stick. Sustainably sourced from a variety of woods, these sticks will help support you while looking the part in any natural environment.

Our Best Floral Walking Sticks

It's hard to find a better way to accessorise a colourful summer outfit than with a floral stick inspired by the flower bouquets of nature. These sticks are available in almost any colour imaginable, are are made in a variety of lightweight, practical styles.

Our Best Shooting Sticks

When out on a walk, or standing at an outdoor event, a walking stick with a built-in seat can be invaluable. Shooting sticks are exactly that, and are ideal for long country hikes, outdoor events or just short rests in scenic spots.

Our Best Animal Handle Walking Sticks

If you love your animals as much as we do, you might want to take them everywhere you go. Even when your furry friend can't tag along, take a friendly reminder with you in the form of an animal handle walking sticks, available with all sorts of species and breeds.

Our Best Ergonomic Handle Walking Sticks

Though all of our sticks are designed to provide comfort, standard walking stick handles can be tough on arthritic or weak hands and wrists. Ergonomic handles spread the user's weight along the entire surface area, helping to reduce strain and help you use your stick pain-free.

Our Best Children's Walking Sticks

Children can seem to have untold levels of energy, but a stick could be just what they need to keep them engaged on a long country hike. Children's walking sticks make a fun accessory for a hike or walk, and also help to provide some support when they get a bit tired.

What's your favourite type of walking stick or cane? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!