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Horoscope Series: Walking Sticks for Gemini

Gemini covers everyone born between 22nd May - 22nd June, and is symbolised by the twins Castor and Pollux, also known as the Dioscuri. Third in the order of the Zodiac, this star sign is vibrant and highly intelligent in oh-so-many ways.

This sign has two lucky stones: agate and pearl, which have a number of powerful properties for Geminis - we even have a large range of Pearl Walking Sticks at To find out more about the magical properties of these gems, jump to the 'Away With the Fairies' section of this blog.

We have a huge range of Gemini gifts at
Keep reading to find the best gifts for Geminis!

Gifts For Gemini

Being people-centric, it can be intimidating finding gifts for Geminis. They're detail orientated and a teeny bit nosey, making them brilliantly attentive present-givers themselves.

Whether you're shopping for Gemini birthday gifts, Valentine's gifts, Christmas or Mother's Day Gemini gifts, we know you'll find something special with our inspired selection of walking sticks. In addition, we have a fabulous selection of Umbrellas perfect for Gemini gifts - so we're sure we'll find you something you love.

Gemini Personality

Quite frankly, Gemini is often considered one of the worst Zodiac signs due to its' 'two-faced' reputation. As we'll come to see though, they're seriously misunderstood, and harness a number of powerful and unique traits. Keep reading to learn more and to find some thoughtful gifts for Geminis.

Check out our walking stick recommendations according to each Gemini trait:

Away With the Fairies

Away with the fairies, Geminis often need 'bringing back to earth', and that's where their birthstones come in. The first, agate, enhances decision making skills and brings about wealth and prosperity. The second, pearl, brings balance to the sense of duality most Geminis feel. 

While not made of agates or pearls, our selection of Pearl Walking Sticks is perfect for a more demure (and affordable) nod to the Gemini way of life.

Check out our Formal Walking Sticks for even more unusual gifts for Gemini. Alternatively, why not check out our selection of Marble Effect Walking Sticks?

For even more Fancy Walking Sticks check out our suggestions below:



Adaptable Air Sign 

Gemini joins Aquarius and Libra in the realm of Air Signs - the thinkers, doers and communicators of the world. Their main characteristic is their adaptability, making them brilliantly funny, sociable and clever. While this seems a positive trait, it also has its downfalls - Geminis fit in everywhere and nowhere in the same time, and they're impossible to define.

We have a huge range of inspired gifts for Gemini. While we don't have clear walking sticks, we do have transparent umbrellas for a more subtle nod to an Air sign in your life. The Fulton Houndstooth Umbrella features a contemporary pattern and transparent design, making it both a useful and thoughtful gift for Gemini.

Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Houndstooth Border)

Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Gold)Not Quite Your Style? The Fulton Birdcage Clear Dome Umbrella (Gold) is the perfect way to add glamour on a rainy day. Featuring a gold handle and detailing, this design is as precious as your favourite Gemini.

For more options, check out our selection of Birdcage Walking Sticks and Bubble Walking Sticks.

Look below for our other Decorative Umbrellas:


Imaginative and Creative

Being a daydreamer does have its perks - a Gemini's imagination is unmatched, seeing them excel in their many exciting pursuits. This sign is known for its creativity, wisdom and unique perspectives, with famous examples including Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy, Prince and the ever-iconic Paul McCartney

For creative gifts for Geminis, check out our selection of National Gallery Print Walking Sticks.

At, we have a huge range of imaginative and creative gifts for Geminis. The Sunflowers Folding Walking Stick helps you to Gogh about your day, making you look highly sophisticated at the same time!

National Gallery Sunflowers Derby Adjustable Folding Walking Stick

Height-Adjustable Retro Spots Aluminium Derby Walking StickNot Quite Your Style? Give the Retro Spots Walking Stick a go. Featuring a super-funky abstract pattern, this stick keeps you upright and up to date - making it a perfect mother's day gift for Gemini.

Check out more of our Modern Walking Sticks, perfect for birthday gifts for Geminis.

For more Fashionable Walking Sticks, check out some of our suggestions below:


Funny and Communicative

As we've mentioned, Geminis come from the Air sign, making them brilliant communicators. They're kind, charming, and most importantly: they're hilarious.

Check out our huge range of Novelty Walking Sticks guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

At, we have a huge range of walking sticks perfect as gifts for Geminis. We love the Frog Hardwood Cane for its' toadally ribbitulous design. Croaks aside, it's a great conversation piece for the social Gemini that loves to make friends wherever they go!

Hand Painted Green Frog Hardwood Cane

Crazy Cats Animal Friends Derby Adjustable Folding Walking StickNot Quite Your Style? Why not try the Crazy Cats Walking Stick for a jazzy Gemini gift. This colourful design features an array of kooky cats for a unique gift for Gemini.

Check out more of our Funky Walking Sticks, perfect for birthday gifts for Geminis.

For more Patterned Walking Sticks, check out some of our suggestions below:

Social Butterflies

This sign thrives off social interaction. Casting their social nets far and wide, you'll always have trouble pinning down a Gemini, and they're constantly on the lookout for the next friend to make or party to go to. If you're a Gemini, we'll bet you're a social butterfly, and an absolute blast to hang out with.

For a walking aid as social as you, give the Butterfly Walking Stick a try. This walking stick summarises your fun-loving, wild personality, and looks pretty great too! With gorgeous colours and a fresh design, this pattern is sure to grab the attention of passers-by (though not quite as much as you). 

Height-Adjustable Butterfly-Patterned Mini Folding Derby Walking Stick

Butterflies Animal Friends Derby Adjustable Walking StickNot Quite Your Style? Try the Blue Butterfly Adjustable Walking Stick. Featuring an electric blue background, this alternative butterfly offers a less multicoloured design, making it a wonderful Valentine's day gift for Gemini.

For more options, check out our selection of Cartoon Walking Sticks, suitable for unique gifts for Gemini.

Look below for our other Gemini-inspired Pretty Walking Sticks:


Two Faced (or Dualistic!)

Time to address the elephant in the room. While Geminis are social butterflies, they're also social chameleons, lending them the unfortunate stereotype of being... two-faced. There is truth to this, since this sign is inherently complex and contradictory in their personality. They're simultaneously loud and quiet, confident and shy, organised and chaotic - after all, they do come from the twins Castor and Pollux, so it only makes sense that they're a little dualistic!

We have a wide range of walking sticks that come as sets. The Ladies Walking Stick and Umbrella Set keeps your outfits classic and cost-effective, making it a fabulous mother's day gift for Gemini. 

Ladies' Walking Stick and Umbrella Set

Gentleman's Cane and Umbrella Set

Not Quite Your Style? Check out the Gentleman's Cane and Umbrella Set. This classic design is perfect for any occasion, making it the perfect gift for a Gemini man.

For more alternatives, browse our selection of Wooden Walking Sticks.

See our other Gemini-inspired Accessories below:



Intelligent Academics

Geminis are incredibly smart, harnessing both social, emotional and intellectual intelligence. They can do anything they put their minds to, making them brilliantly successful in academic and professional spaces. For a gift as smart as this star sign, check out our selection of clever walking sticks below. 

We love the William Shakespeare Walking Stick, since it encapsulates this Zodiac's witty nature. Coming in an ivory-imitation style and wooden shaft, this stick is the perfect decorative piece for bards, writers, thespians... and Geminis!

William Shakespeare Collectors' Walking Stick

Drive Medical Tie-Dye Glow and Go Folding Walking Stick

Not Quite Your Style? Try the Drive Glow In The Dark Walking Stick for a less poetic, but equally clever design. Featuring a glow in the dark ferrule and handle, this stick is sure to have you glowing from the inside out.

For more alternatives, browse our selection of Collectible Walking Sticks

See our other Gemini-inspired Novelty Walking Sticks below:


Gemini Dates

22nd May - 22nd June, Geminis are Summer babies, giving them an optimistic and excited outlook on life. 

Gemini Gemstone

Gemini's lucky gem is agate and pearl. Agate enhances decision making skills, while pearl brings about wealth and prosperity for this fiercely intelligent design. Check out our selection of Pearl Walking Sticks to add some glam to your wardrobe!

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