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Find the Perfect Astrology Gift for Her

Astrology has been a source of spiritual support for centuries. The reliable orbits of the planets can help guide us through difficult times in our lives, just as walking sticks can help guide us through a difficult journey. These walking sticks are all ideal companions for the spiritually inclined woman in your life, and perhaps one day they'll lead you to a tall dark stranger! 

Best Walking Stick for Leo

Silver Plated Lion CaneLeos are brave and adventurous, so the perfect walking stick for them would also have these properties. The Silver-Plated Lion Cane provides you with a regal and elegant accessory that can be used for every day or saved for those special occasions. Made from real silver, this stick epitomises the ambition and determination that is a cornerstone of Leo women.

Leo Women Traits: Enthusiastic, determined, ambitious, creative, loyal 

Best Walking Stick for Pisces

Brown Fish Hardwood CaneReel her in, reel her in, reel her in; you've got her! Congratulations, you've caught a beauty. This Brown Fish Hardwood Cane is ideal for Pisces women hoping to wander alongside country streams or rivers. Piceans are known for living in another world, and this walking stick will help you reach it. 

Pisces Women Traits: Otherworldly, magical, compassionate, imaginative

Best Walking Stick for Aries

Ram Handle Hazel Walking StickSheep have an unfortunate reputation as mindless and docile animals who can be easily manipulated. That could not be further from the case for Aries women. The proud head of this Ram Handle Hazel Walking Stick shows the more rebellious side of the adorable, woolly animals. Made from richly textured hazel wood with a tough resin handle, this Aries walking stick is perfect for 'ram'-blers. 

Aries Woman Traits: Fun, free-spirited, independent, confident

Best Walking Stick for Sagittarius

Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses CaneThe luck of the seven horseshoes on this Silver-Plated Frolicking Horses Cane won't be needed by Sagittarius women. Their strength and optimism serves them well enough by itself. The miniature world of these four capering horses will accompany you as you do your own frolicking in forests and fields. The shallow relief is a truly unusual feature of this walking stick. 

Sagittarius Woman Traits: Energetic, optimistic, strong

Best Walking Stick for Capricorn 

Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's CrookThe hook at the end of a shepherd's crook is traditionally for hooking sheep around the neck. Capricorn women will appreciate this handy tool, as they mould the world in their own image. Although this Chestnut Scorched Shepherd's Crook is not representative of the horned Capricorn goat, it is suggestive of a nomadic mountain goat-herder, using her Capricorn wisdom and resourcefulness to guide her flock to safety.  

Capricorn Woman Traits: Wisdom, resourcefulness, ambitious

Best Walking Stick for Taurus

Ram's Horn Crook Walking StickThis might technically be a Curly Ram's Horn Blackthorn Walking Stick, but the horn shape is deeply symbolic of power, and the mystic attributes of the bull. The powerful curving horn embodies the strength and stoicism characteristic of Taurus women, and their focus on completing any task or journey they begin. Signs on farmyard gates often read 'Beware of the Bull!' for a reason! 

Taurus Woman Traits: Practical, stoic, determined

Best Walking Stick for Gemini

Hazel Thumbstick Country Hiking Stick

The Gemini dual nature is reflected in the two spokes of this Hazel Thumbstick Country Hiking Stick. The V shape offers a comfortable place to rest your thumb, but also represents the fundamental split between the two sides of a Gemini. If you're standing at a fork in the path, not sure which way to walk next, you may be experiencing some Gemini indecision. Yet this walking stick will stay with you for every step, no matter which way you choose. 

Gemini Woman Traits: Intelligent, indecisive, humorous

Best Walking Stick For Cancer

Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking CaneCancer is a water sign but it is also profoundly linked to the moon. Just as the moon controls wave patterns, lunar energy controls Cancer. This Imitation Ivory Spherical Top Walking Cane bares a striking resemblance to the Earth's mysterious orbiter, and is certain to have resonance for anyone under the sign of Cancer. 

Cancer Woman Traits: Sensitive, loyal, caring

Best Walking Stick For Virgo

Ladies' Imitation Ivory Cane with Swarovski ElementsVirgo is often represented by a beautiful woman. This Ladies' Imitation Ivory Cane with Swarvoski Elements recognises Virgo's fundamental elegance, aestheticism and femininity. The handle is slightly smaller, and the shaft a little shorter, making it ideal for the petite female frame. The sparkling crystals on the handle shows an appreciation for beauty and design in which all Virgos will delight. 

Virgo Woman Traits: Hard-working, methodical, creative

Best Walking Stick For Libra

HurryCane Red Walking Stick for Balance and StabilityLibra is the only star sign to be traditionally represented not by a person or an animal, but by an inanimate object. The scales are representative of Libra's involvement with justice and objectivity, and this HurryCane Red Walking Stick for Balance and Stability embodies these mythological scales in two senses. First the comfort-fit handle allows the user's weight to be supported directly above the shaft, providing maximum balance, and second, the gleaming metallic finish is evocative of the shining metal instrument. 

Libra Woman Traits: Diplomatic, great-listener, idealist

Best Walking Stick For Scorpio

Silver-Plated Eagle Cane

Scorpio is associated most strongly with its name-sake animal: the scorpion. Yet the Eagle is another animal traditionally linked with the star sign. The searching, intense gaze of the eagle is quick to observe others, and its lethal plunge embodies Scorpio passion. This Silver-Plated Eagle Cane makes a luxurious and apposite walking stick for a Scorpio. 

Scorpio Woman Traits: Passionate, curious, strategic

Best Walking Stick For Aquarius

Lord Nelson Beech Wood Cane

The nautical theme of the Lord Nelson Beech Wood Cane fits well with Aquarius's reputation as the bearer of water. Elegantly carved ships' ropes twine around an image of a vessel upon the ocean. The associations with Lord Nelson's explorations and influence on world events is also suitable for Aquarius. It is a cerebral sign, with an interest in idealism and the order of the universe. 

Aquarius Woman Traits: Independent, assertive, original

Want To Know the Future?

Unfortunately your guess is as good as mine. However, you can at least make sure you're well prepared for it with these walking sticks. Check out's guide to thoughtful Christmas gifts by star sign for further suggestions. 

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