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Best Walking Poles for Winter 2024

The winter months can be some of the most beautiful in the year, with crisp air, bright snow and glistening trees to motivate you along your trek. These features make it enticing to get out and explore your very own winter wonderland, but it's important to be aware of the hazards of winter as well. Slippery conditions can make for a dangerous walk if you're unprepared, so bringing along a walking pole to help you maintain stability is always a good idea.

Every walking stick and hiking pole is different though, with plenty of things to consider in your decision. Do you want a spiked ferrule for slippery conditions, an adjustable pole that will work for multiple users, or a more rustic wooden pole that will fit well into your natural surrounding environment? Whatever your needs, here at, we have you covered with a range of hiking sticks and poles to satisfy all comers. Read on to learn about our selection of the Best Walking Poles for Winter.

Some Sticks Worth Highlighting...

Staghorn Crown Handle Walking Stick

Staghorn Crown Handle Walking StickFor those nature-lovers looking for a more natural stick that will blend into the great outdoors, a more rugged stick is in order. The Staghorn Crown Handle Walking Stick provides everything that a hiker could ask for, with a sturdy wooden shaft topped with an attractive staghorn handle. The horn is shed naturally every year, meaning you can enjoy the stick guilt-free.

The shaft is made with hardwood, providing an attractive look that will stand up to the majesty of nature around you. Perfect for the winter months, the Staghorn Crown Handle Walking Stick is fitted with a metal ferrule, specially developed to provide you with the grip and stability you need on icy or slippery surfaces.

Key Features: Rugged and unique look; extremely durable


Red Folding Hiking Pole

Red folding hiking poleIf you're someone who likes to travel far and wide to find the very best in hiking spots and natural beauty, you need a stick that will work with your lifestyle, without getting in the way. The Red Folding Hiking Pole is an ideal fit, as it provides all the support of a normal trekking pole, with the added benefit of folding up to a compact size for storage and transit.

Made from sturdy aluminium and fitted with a rubber-spike ferrule, this pole is sturdy and suitable for hiking on any kind of terrain. It is extremely lightweight, helping you traverse even the most demanding obstacles with ease. To make it suitable for use by a wide array of hikers, it can be adjusted in height between 45" and 49".

Key Features: Folds into compact size; rubber spike ferrule; height adjustable

Adjustable Brown Polo Walking Seat Stick

Adjustable Brown Polo Walking Seat StickLong hikes through nature can often be as fatiguing as they are rewarding, so bringing along a way to take a load off might be a good idea. The Adjustable Brown Polo Walking Seat Stick is an excellent option, with a supportive shaft, spike ferrule and built-in seat to prevent you from having to plop down on the cold ground. The ferrule includes a plate to prevent it from sinking in, making it a great choice for walks in snow.

For those times when you'd like to sit down and enjoy a hot drink in the majesty of nature, this stick includes a comfortable and soft leather seat sling. Incorporated into the comfortable handle, the seat will be with you the entire time without weighing you down, making it an excellent bonus on top of a conventional walking pole.

Key Features: Built-in seat; sturdy shaft; comfortable leather handle; spiked ferrule with plate

Time to Choose

While these are some of our favourite winter hiking sticks, they aren't the only ones we have on offer. Every hiker is different, so it's often best to have a browse, and see which of our sticks best suits you. At, we stock a range of Hiking Poles and Sticks, all available with free UK delivery on all orders over £40. Why not take a look for yourself, and see what tickles your fancy?

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