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Best Inconspicuous Walking Sticks

Wednesday, 17 January 2018  |  Admin

We understand that using a walking stick can be embarrassing when you have to use one all the time to move around. If you don't want to draw attention to yourself, thankfully there's an easy solution for you. Find out what it is by reading our blog.

What are the Best Inconspicuous Walking Sticks?

At, we offer a wide range of beautiful canes that can be matched with your sense of style. However, carrying a walking stick around with you can cause you to receive a fair few stares, an issue that isn't often spoken about in the walking stick world. If you want a break from these odd looks, take a look at our favourite walking sticks on the market that, at first glance (and second, and third), don't look like mobility aids.

Formal Black Walking Umbrella with Derby Handle

Formal Black Walking Umbrella with Derby HandleWhen you want to get the support you need without carrying around a walking stick, the Formal Black Walking Umbrella with Derby Handle is the perfect solution. While it looks like an everyday umbrella, it also features a comfortable handle, robust aluminium shaft, and a non-slip rubber ferrule. Its formal style also allows the umbrella stick to be used in formal events and tea parties without drawing attention to itself.

With its classic black umbrella canopy and its ash Derby wood grain handle, the walking stick umbrella provides a classic look that doesn't easily go out of style. The Black Walking Umbrella also features a Derby handle that can be hooked over your arm or a table's edge when it isn't in use. This makes it perfect for when you're dining out or you need full use of your hands.

Key Features: Mobility aid concealed as an umbrella, ash wood Derby handle, robust aluminium shaft

Out and About Black Folding Walking Seat Stick

Out and About Black Folding Walking Seat StickSay you're attending an outdoor event or gathering and you want additional stability, the last thing you want to do is to carry around a walking stick and a chair. When this is the case, the Out and About Black Folding Walking Seat Stick is ideal for you. While to others, this aid looks like a portable seat, it's actually been designed with two handles that help provide you with the balance that a traditional walking stick would give you.

This Out and About Walking Seat Stick provides both support and seating equally well. As it's designed with four legs, it's perfect if you suffer from instability and envisage that you'll be sitting down for long periods of time.

Key Features: Acts as both a walking stick and a seat, allows you to watch outdoor events in comfort

Small Green Quattro Folding Walking Seat Stick

Small Green Quattro Folding Walking Seat StickFeaturing a heavy-duty canvas seat, the Small Green Quattro Folding Walking Seat Stick provides you with excellent comfort while also doubling up as a mobility aid. The stick seat has a lightweight aluminium frame, which allows it to easily and safely be used as a walking stick whenever you require additional support.

Crafted with four rubber ferrules, the Green Quattro Folding Walking Stick provides you with ample stability on hard surfaces (e.g. pavements). If you tire easily, the fact that the mobility aid doubles as a seat can help you get the rest you need regardless of where you are.

Key Features: Includes a heavy-duty canvas seat, created with four rubber ferrules

Formal Walking Umbrella with Derby Handle

Formal Walking Umbrella with Derby HandleThe Formal Walking Umbrella with Derby Handle provides you with a stylish means of support. Crafted with a cream, brown and dark blue tartan canopy, this inconspicuous umbrella is an excellent addition to your wardrobe and your mobility aid collection.

With its robust construction, the Formal Walking Umbrella provides you with light balance and support without anyone knowing that your umbrella is serving a double purpose. The stick has a Derby handle that looks elegant while also providing you with excellent support. Better still, this type of handle can be hooked over your arm when you don't require added stability, which adds to your stylish look.

Key Features: Attractive tartan canopy, robust construction, stylish Derby handle

Do you have a cane that doesn't look like a stuffy mobility aid? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!