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Best Autumn Walking Sticks 2024

Once the days start to get shorter and the nights become chillier, we always make sure to update our wardrobe to match the most colourful of all seasons. Warmer tones, cosier materials and seasonal accessories are everywhere you turn, and there's no reason why your walking stick shouldn't reflect the softer autumnal mood.

Hiking in Autumn

We've put together this list of some of the most beautiful autumnal walking sticks to help you find the perfect walking stick that matches your style. Folding or fixed, orthopaedic or Derby, wooden or metal, we stock all types of walking sticks decorated with gorgeous seasonal patterns that will match your favourite cosy outfits. Here are some of our favourites organised in convenient categories.

Best Wooden Canes for Autumn

A classic wooden cane makes a great accessory for any season, but they're particularly handsome walking companions as the colours change. Guiding your stride from autumn into the colder months, these wooden walking sticks are attractive, reliable and timeless.

Best Folding Sticks in Autumnal Colours

You may not need your walking stick at all times, making a foldable cane that can be stashed away an ideal solution. These folding walking sticks can be folded and stowed away in a purse or backpack, and are available in all sorts of colours, including these autumn favourites.

Best Wooden Hiking Sticks for Autumn

Some might prefer a summer stroll, but for many the cosy feel of an autumnal walk or hike can't be beaten. The perfect accessory for these crisp walks is a natural wooden hiking stick, embodying the beauty of nature as you walk through it.

Lightweight Trekking Poles for Autumn

If a wooden stick isn't your style and you want something a bit sportier for your hikes, a lightweight trekking pole is a great way to go. With ergonomic handles, grippy ferrules and full adjustability, these are the best tool for a hiker looking to push themselves while staying supported.

Some of Our Favourite Autumn Sticks Worth Highlighting

Green Autumnal Height Adjustable Derby Cane

Green Autumnal Height Adjustable Derby CaneLet's start with a classic. The Green Autumnal Height Adjustable Derby Cane features a traditional wooden Derby handle that is practical and comfortable to hold, a height-adjustable aluminium shaft and a rubber ferrule, making it the ideal choice for everyday use and casual events. The seasonal design includes a sophisticated autumnal pattern against a dark green background on the shaft, complemented with a wooden handle in a rich brown colour.

Key Features: Height adjustable from 76cm to 99cm; Derby handle; aluminium shaft; rubber ferrule

Slimline Extending Cream Floral Chelsea Cane

Slimline Extending Cream Floral Chelsea CaneIf you're of a smaller stature, you might find the above-mentioned walking stick a bit too tall for your taste. The Slimline Extending Cream Floral Chelsea Cane is the ideal ladies' cane, featuring a petite Derby handle, a height-adjustable aluminium shaft, and a charming pastel pattern that covers both the shaft and the handle for a more uniform look.

Key Features: Height adjustable from 67cm to 90cm; petite Derby handle for smaller hands; aluminium shaft; rubber ferrule

Derby Tea Party Extending Harvest Festival Cane

Derby Tea Party Extending Harvest Festival CaneIf you're looking for an even livelier alternative to a classic autumn walking stick, this Derby Tea Party Extending Harvest Festival Cane might be the right answer. Its height-adjustable aluminium shaft is fitted with a classic Derby handle, both of which are covered with a bright orange print, depicting seasonal fruits with green leaves.

Key Features: Height adjustable from 77cm to 100cm; traditional Derby handle you can easily hook over your arm; aluminium shaft

Adjustable Folding Fruit Pattern Anatomical Walking Stick

Adjustable Folding Fruit Pattern Anatomical Walking StickUnlike any of the autumn walking sticks mentioned so far, the Adjustable Folding Fruit Pattern Anatomical Walking Stick can be folded into four sections, which makes it ideal if you only occasionally need the assistance of a cane. Moreover, it features an orthopaedic handle that improves comfort of gripping and is ideal when using the cane for extended periods.

Key Features: Folding design; height adjustable from 81cm to 91cm; orthopaedic handle; aluminium shaft fitted with a rubber ferrule

Hazel Thumbstick Country Walking Stick

Hazel Thumbstick Country Walking StickAutumn is the perfect time for long country walks and hikes. If you love spending time outdoors, the Hazel Thumbstick Country Walking Stick might be the right accessory for you. This charming traditional cane is made from coppiced hazel wood and features a naturally-shaped V-form that offers a convenient place for you to rest your thumb. Moreover, the wooden shaft is fitted with a combi ferrule, which makes the stick safe to use on both hard and soft surfaces.

Key Features: 110cm tall; carved from hazel wood; V-shaped handle; spiked and rubber ferrule

The most colourful of all seasons, autumn offers endless inspiration for all kinds of accessories, including walking sticks. We've tried to gather up all of our favourite autumn sticks, but with so many options out there, it's quite possible we haven't included your ideal design. If this is the case, make sure to explore our full range of Autumn Walking Sticks.

Which walking stick screams autumn to you? Let us know in the comments below, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!